3Days 2Nights Royal Belum Conservation Programme ~ Belum State Park, Perak Malaysia

The Belum Temenggor forest reserve forms the last and largest contiguous block of natural forest in Peninsular Malaysia, covering an area of over 300,000 hectares. It is located in the Malaysian state of Perak and crosses into Southern Thailand. Combining with the virgin forest of southern Thailand the Belum-Temenggor and Bang Lang National park forms the largest contiguous protected area of Rainforest in Asia.

The tropical rainforest of Belum Temenggor is believed to have been in existence for over 130 million years, making it one of the world’s oldest rainforests, older than both the Amazon and the Congo. In the heart of the forest lies a lake – Tasik Temenggor (Tasik means lake in the Malaysian Language) – covering 15,200 Hectares, which is dotted with hundreds of tiny islands. The forest is home to a vast number of species of animals and plants, many of which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.

The magic of Belum, which literally means “land before time”, makes it the perfect habitat for some of the world’s most threatened mammals, including the Malaysian Tiger, the Malaysian Sunbear, the nearly extinct Sumatran Rhinoceros, the White-handed Gibbon, the Asiatic Elephant, and the Malayan Tapir. Unfortunately is under the threat of over poaching and habitat loss of which illegal logging is rampant around the peripherals of the park and in the lake area.

The stunning landscape of the rainforest houses over three thousand species of flowering plants, including three species of Rafflesia, the iconic giant flower. It is also the natural habitat of unique species of ferns and mosses.

The lake Tasik Temenggor is home to over twenty species of freshwater fish and five species of turtles. Wild boars, deers, pythons and countless species of small reptiles and insects roam free in the jungle.

Over three hundred avian species fly over its skies; it’s common to spot eagles catching fishes. Belum Temenggor is the only place in the planet where all the ten species of hornbills that inhabit Malaysia can be spotted at once.

Its no wonder that several NGO’s and Malaysian Universities seek to help protect and conserve the forest with the likes of WWF and MEME (Malaysian Elephant Management and Ecology) leading the way.

Source www.belum.com.my

Hotel Description


Perak ~ Temenggor Dam ~ Banding Island ~ campsite

Room Type

Chalets & Dorms & Campsite

Room Description

Belum Adventure Camp (BAC), a rustic, budget adventure accommodation suitable for travelers and families as well as school groups and adventure team building.

The camp is located on Banding Island in the Temenggor Lake. The Royal Belum State Park is the premier rainforest ecotourism and conservation destination in Peninsular Malaysia and is 3 hours from Penang and 3 hoursfrom Kuala Besut (Perhentian islands).

Facilities & Activities

The people behind the resort are adventure seekers and conservationists and they want to ensure every guest feels their adventure conservation ethos.The resort staff conduct poacher surveillance patrols in the forest reserves and collect data on animal presence for the University of Science Malaysia (USM). BAC and USM will also conduct Gibbon and Siamang surveys in the Belum Temenggor forest network as part of the National Gibbon Survey of Malaysia.

The resort has basic amenities but has its own zipline and high ropes course for hours of fun and entertainment. BAC works hard on customer service, ensuring everyone is happy. We hold movie nights in the jungle, star gazing on the lake and native games to pass the time by, we want to give our guests a unique experience they will treasure.

You can also just laze around the lodge grounds listening to nature's jungle music and being awakened by the call of the White-handed Gibbons. basic mattresses , cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils , Jungle trekking., kayakking, bird watching, swim in the river, white water rafting

Belum Adventure Camp - Valid till 31st December 2017 (Rates based on per package per person)

Package Type Accommodation Rate per person (RM) Notes
Conservation Programme
RM 750
Day 1 – Lunch & Dinner + Ropes and Night trek
Day 2 – Conservation trek day – B,L,D
Day 3 – Breakfast, check out
(options after the 3d2n programme)
Rate per person (RM)
Kayak Half Day - RM 50
River Cruiise – 2 hours - RM 100
Kayak / Camp – 2days 1night camping RM 300 Depart 9am Kayaking to an island, camping and next day jungle trek – salt lick, conservation trek Return 3pm The route and location for the camp depends on the groups ability and weather
White Water Rafting 2d/1n – min 20pax RM 1,300 Rapids up to Grade 6 are possible. Grade 6 rapids require experienced rafters. If not experienced then grade 4 will be the max.

Things to Bring with:

* Insect repellant and your personal medication eg antihistamines , longterm medications * Toiletries * A jumper - it can get chilly at night * swimsuit * hat * proper trekking shoes * slippers * Water bottle * Light clothing , towel, sleeping bag, mosquito netting (if you have) , leech socks, gloves, raincoat * Knapsack

**Please Note that there will be a non-refundable handling charge on payment made. Conditions apply.

When To Visit?

One can visit Belum anytime in a year. August seems to be the great hornbill migration and sometimes as many as 200 can be seen flying overhead

Rain Fall

December to March is the dry season. While the rest of Peninsular Malaysia experiences the wet North-east Monsoon, Kedah, Penang and Perlis enters its driest and coolest period.

Itinerary for 3 Days 2 Nights Belum Conservation Package

Day 1

Arrive at Belum and start your adventure with a 15 minute 4x4 wheel drive transfer to our secluded camp. You can choose to jungle trek (1hour) if you want to soak up the ambiance of the rainforest.

On arrival you will be given traditional Malaysian style lunch and given a briefing about the resort and your programme. After lunch take your time to settle into your surroundings and absorb the delights of the rainforest.

At 4pm you can crank your energy levels up by going on our zipline (twice) and high ropes course. You will finish by 6pm to watch the sunset over the lake where you can often see numerous monkey’s playing before they settle down to bed. Dinner will be a local dish of rice and curry and a vegetable dish, we do provide vegetarian options as well. After dinner you will join in the ‘Web of Life’ game and learn about the importance of all species in life and then go for a night jungle trek looking for the nocturnal animals of the forest.
L, D.

Day 2

Breakfast will be served at 8am with fruits, cereals, toast and eggs available.

At 9am you will take a morning boat ride to the designated conservation trek location. During the boat ride you can spot numerous birds and occasionally larger mammals like elephants and monkey’s and deers. Once you arrive your guide will brief you about what you will do and why you are doing it.

Conservation treks will always involve recording presence of various species using GPS via finding pugmarks, scratch marks, calls, scats and/or hairs. Signs of species such as Asian elephants, cats, dhole, sun bear, Malayan tapir and Malayan gaur are commonly. You will also look for signs of presence of humans.

The trails we use are not tourist routes so people using these trails will be the aboriginal people or poachers. If signs of poachers are found we record the location and inform the relevant official departments like Perhilitan, (Malaysian Wildlife Department) and the Wildlife Crime Hotline. Depending on what needs to be done you may be lucky enough to help us collect camera traps, which are camera’s attached to trees which are sensor triggered to capture images of rainforest animals. You will then head back to the resort and take a dusk river cruise where you have the best chance of viewing wildlife as they come to the river to bathe before they retire to sleep or to wake themselves up ready for whatever the nights brings. You may also visit waterfalls, salt licks, see rafflesia flowers. In the evening you can relax and either star gaze, watch a movie in the jungle or just play traditional games.

B, L, D.

Day 3

Breakfast will be served at 8am and your 4x4 transfer will depart at 9am ready for your onward journey.