Nyonya Cooking with Pearly Kee ~ George Town, Penang Malaysia

Welcome to Penang Homecooking School and I am Pearly the homecook teacher, coach or food specialist.

In this site, you get to know more about cooking class or food in Penang, Malaysia.

Our food in Penang can be said to be the driving force of people coming to Penang. So I would say Penang food which is a big part of Malaysian food is now most popular in the world. It is not surprising people are traveling to Penang for the food and our beautiful heritage.

The new look of Penang still represent a mix of old and new, fresh and old look all around and over my little island, Penang. So during your trip here, why not give yourself the ultimate unforgettable souvenir by participating in a cooking class.

You can learn the secrets of authentic Nyonya, Malay, Southern Indian, Nasi Kandar, street food same time while having fun with people that share your passion for food.

No matter what level of cooking skills you are, I always believe there is no one who has to fear while coming to my cooking class. No mothers in law to watch over you when you make a wrong cut or so, just a small eye exciting cool lady who watches you and holds your hands in case you need it. Are you feeling better now? ::

Our heritage old cuisine are mostly slow cooking or in modern day term, slow food. The exciting part is, you get to use wok, frying ladles and clay pots. In this 4 hours class, I share tips and secrets of using with the intention of making sure the pot can last you a lifetime. You might not know but the secret why grandmothers cooking always taste best is in the old pots and pans she uses since she got married. Ha! Ha! Tip number 1!

My wet market tour is the highlight of the cooking session. The tapestry of activities in the wet market with a personal guide comes out alive when you learn the benefits of fresh produce in your cooking.

I am proud to point out we use fresh produce and I go to market daily for my cooking class. We strongly believe in using freshly purchased ingredients. I seldom use anything from the can except for certain seasonings. And no one can made me use MSG.

For people who are gluten intolerant, Penang is where you will find heaps of cuisine using rice or rice flour. Of course, the best part of this experience is that you get to eat everything you make. Here are just a few of the most popular cuisine I teach in my school.

Nyonya Food, meat dishes

In this page, you can find some of the more popular dishes I taught over the years.

Some of these recipes uses fresh ingredients like galangal, lemon grass, fresh turmeric, dried chillies, shallots, coconut cream and shrimp paste.

Generally these are Nyonya meat dishes with Malay inspirations of Curry Kapitan, Beef Rendang, Bak Char Rempah, Kerabu Kay or Steamed Chicken Salad.

Some are with Indian inspiration like Kari Kay or Curry chicken with potatoes, Inche Kabin , Tamarind Egg Omelet, and Hong Bak or Classy Pork.

These are recipes that has dried spice powders like coriander, cumin, fennel, dried turmeric and chilly powders. Coconut cream is also widely used in these dishes.

Eating the old way but learning the new recipes.

By the early 20th century, the Straits Chinese has grown in numbers. Some got very established and wealthy. Some even have male servants who cooks for them. The old Chinese inspired favorites are unforgettable. Today, we are still enjoying the old food like 5 spiced pork roll, duck in salted mustard soup or kiam chye ark, tau ewe bak or dark sauced pork stew.

I may not be totally right but fusion is not only with Malays, Indians or Chinese. Those days 100 to 150 years ago, we were having British, Dutch, Armenians. Nutmeg powder, Worcestershire sauce, mustard powder are inspiration from our founding fathers.

Select these dishes and the stories goes on in the class.

Tau Ewe Bak or dark sauce pork is yummy. Lover of belly pork, this dish is for you where ever you are.

Slow cooking the marinated belly pork with dark sauce, sugar, white pepper and heaps of crushed garlic is required in this lips mucking stew.

Traditionally, it is a every day dish with deep fried firm tofu and hard boiled egg. Complete the dish by serving with sambal belachan.

Crazy but workable combination, should be very Chinese but eaten with Malay sambal belachan. Don’t shake your head cos it works.

Ready to book our cooking class, read here first.

Now you are really ready for booking if you have read the above sentence.

I must tell you, every guest is important to Chandra and I. We love meeting and knowing you.

Thank you kind people for reading and browsing.

How to book a Cooking class with us?

Our cooking classes are designed to allow you to have lots of fun while you also learn how to cook. I know cooking for some is real easy peasy. But for some, it is hard and too bothersome.

Whoever you are, food lovers, newbies..we are here to help you cook delicious meals.

wet market tour, Pearly Kee, Penang homecooking school, Cooking in Penang

Learn how to make string hoppers or what we called Putu Mayung as we tour the market.

A half day (3 to 4 hours) cooking session comes with learning how to cook dishes or meals.

All dishes in Nyonya food etc except Street food are priced at RM100 per dish. So we usually offer you 3 dishes for RM270 per person.

Street food are priced at RM170 per meal and we teach 2 meals per session for RM320 per person.

The package include:

a) Pick up to and fro from hotel to cooking school.

b) Wet market tour, where we explain the fresh produce found in Penang. You also get to try seasonal fruits and morning snacks.

c) Individual work station, that is why our class is max only 8 people per day.

d) Lunch or dinner in our home.

e) Seasonal fruit juices or drinks.

Garden tour before cooking.

After completing the wet market tour, we drive you home and we will do a garden tour to smell some herbs we grow for our own consumption. It is quite an experience as we have most fragrant, bitterest and smelliest leaves and we explain their uses.

I know you are shaking your head. Yes it is amazing how precious to eat roots, greens and flowers. And there is no place you can get any fresher than your own garden.

Garden Tour

Our garden tour, touch and smell herbs, roots and edible flowers.

Who is this cooking classes good for?

1) Wanting to do a fun activity on holiday.

2) Private class for serious learning (minimum 10 dishes, can add street food).

3) Team bonding cooking class.

4) Corporate cookout, please arrange your own judges and critics.

5) Private catering for lunch (min 10 pax).

6) Travel Agent or people in Hospitality and Travel.

7) I am open to more options. ::))

I hope you have some understanding, please fill up the form here.

I looking forward to meeting you. Enjoy your holidays in Penang.

Pearly Kee

Nyonya Food, Vegetable Dishes

We have some very refine vegetable dishes. Great dishes and very appetizing to eat.

I remember when I was young, I do not get to cut vegetable for refined dishes. We have to observe the experience cousins using the knife to sliced very fine thin slices for certain dishes.

The Nyonya always pride themselves saying their food is very refined. You cannot simply cut vegetable. If cutting vegetable for soups, it has to be squares. Stir fried must be cubes or julienne.

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