Geopark Mangrove Cruise in Langkawi - Kedah Malaysia

Tour Description

This excursion is the most highly recommended trip while you are in Langkawi. Join our guide on this most memorable outing of the best Langkawi has to offer and take home lasting impressions of this magical place.

A short drive to the jetty where we get on board a boat and explore the mangrove forests and the ancient limestone outcrops of the north east. Mangrove forests play an essential part in maintaining the ecological balance of the world. They influence the climate, provide shelter and act as major nurseries for fish and shrimps. Our journey takes us on a voyage of exploration to discover exotic plants and animal species; many of them surviving by ingenious methods in a dynamic environment of constant change dictated by the rise and fall on the tides. We may have opportunities to observe the bizarre land walking fishes, kingfishers, eagles, kites and if we are very lucky, dolphins and otters too.


Langkawi Island, rainforest - mangrove forest - sea

Minimum no. of Persons


Place of Departure

any hotel on Langkawi Island

Trip Availability

Specified days. October month not advised - unpredictable downpours

Geopark Mangrove Cruise ~ valid till 31st March 2018 (rates based on per person per package)




10.00am to 2.00pm ; Pick up time varied depending which hotel you are staying at


4 hours approximately: 3 hours on boat + 1 hour transfers


Hat, t-shirt, shorts or pants, sandals or shoes and sun protection.


Sharing trip RM180 per person

RM120 per child (2 to 10 years old)

Private trip RM800 per boat – maximum 8 people per boat


Minimum 2 persons maximum 12 persons

Fitness Level

Very easy

Rate above inclusive of
  • Transfer from and to the hotel
  • insurance
  • boat ride
  • nature guide
  • drinking water

Note: Similar tours are offered by various Langkawi operators. However our tours are unique, fun and informative. Our well trained and knowledgeable nature guide will share his insight to the importance of the geopark and watching wildlife in their natural habitat. We don’t include any gimmicky activities such as eagle feeding, monkey feeding and monitor lizard feeding. These are extremely harmful, unhealthy and unsustainable ecological practices – we do not condone such practices and advise you not to support such activities.

Please Note:

* The client shall pay the expenses incurred when he or she asks for their personal purposes such as shopping, etc.

**Please Note that there will be a credit card charge on payment made. Conditions apply

Terms & Conditions:

Cancellation of tour

In any of the following cases the ground operator may cancel the tour;

~ In the event of poor weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond operator's control, and when safe and smooth tour operation according to the itinerary specified has become impossible.
~ When the client demands things that are beyond the reasonable scope of the details in the itinerary

Liability of Ground Operator and Exemptions

The Ground operator and (Dolphin Diaries Travel Sdn Bhd) shall not be liable to pay compensation at all time. Guests join the activity (s) at their own risk.