“Best of Kuching” Combining the Heritage + Kampong Cycling Day Trip ~ Kuching, Sarawak Borneo

Trip Description

Driven by popular demand, the “Best of Kuching” Bike tour combines the highlights of our pioneering Heritage Bike tour with our best selling Kampong Bike tour. This unique bike tour covers 85% of Kuching’s “Sights” as listed by the Lonely Planet, and much more!

Discover the hidden gems of Kuching, see our temples and monuments through the hidden lanes inside the heritage zone and indulge in a wide variety of popular authentic Sarawak local street foods, drinks and desserts! After a relaxing cruise across the romantic Sarawak River on a traditional Sampan boat, we will guide you through off-the beaten track of the rural Malay Kampong and wooden bridges lining the banks of the great Sarawak River.

Along the way, you can explore the vibrant and exotic open air market of Kubah Ria. Experience the vibrant colour of tropical fresh fruits and vegetables, shop for local handicrafts at non-tourist prices, and discover a whole range of jungle produce including unique wild ferns, exotic vegetables and plants. Open up your senses and discover Authentic Sarawak! You will go home with both your mind and soul enriched…..and your stomach fulfilled!

Fitness Level


Borneo ~ Sarawak ~ Kuching

Minimum no. of Persons

1 person

Tour Commences

All city bike discovery products depart from the operator's shop at Kuching Waterfront which is located within walking distance of all major city hotels. However, pick up / drop off service from city hotel can also be pre-arranged upon request for a fee of RM 60/- (up to 8 pax).

Tour Code

Tour Starts At
8.00am & 1.00pm


Trip Distance
17 km

Facility & Activity
Guide, Bike, Helmet, Boat Fees, Food, Beverage

“Best of Kuching” Combining the Heritage + Kampong Cycling Day Trip

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  • Guide, Bike, Helmet, Boat Fees
  • Food, Beverage

Rain or shine we always ride!

  • Depart : 8.00 AM
  • Distance : 17 km
  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Difficulty Level : Peanuts
  • No minimum pax

Child Rate

Minimum age 1 Year Old to 11yrs old (either baby seat or child bike) - 50% off

When bookings are made the following information needs to be confirmed :

-Name and Nationality of participant -Height of participant -Email address of primary contact - Mobile number of primary contact - Dietary requirements (if any) -Medical conditions (if any)

Indemnity Form:

Each participant is required to sign an indemnity form before the tour commences.

**Please Note that there will be a non-refundable handling charge on payment made. Conditions apply.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your booking, you must notify us in writing either by post or by email.

Days prior to trip start / Cancellation fee per person:

 < 24 hours or No show: No refund 100% of tour price

 1-3 days: 50% of the net rate

 4-7 days: 25% of the net rate

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 > 7 days: Full refund

Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather or personal emergencies or civil unrest. There is also no refund for arriving late or leaving a trip early. Single person supplements, bike rental and additional services are considered part of the trip price and are subject to cancellation fees. Tour Operator is not responsible for expenses incurred by the Customers in connection with or in preparation for any canceled trips, such as airline tickets. Customers who fail to provide a signed "Waiver and Release of Liability" will not be allowed to join the trip and the cancellation policy applies.

Cancellation or Alteration by the Tour Operator

Tour Operator reserve the right to alter itineraries or to cancel tours at short or no notice when it is necessary or advisable. The Tour Operator reserves the right to make route and hotel modifications as needed at it’s discretion. If the Tour Operator cancel a tour, the Customers willbe offered at least one of the following options, the choice of which will be at Customers discretion:

1) To join the requested tour at an alternative time or at an alternative date;

2) To join an alternative tour to commence within 13 months of the date the first tour was due to commence. The Customers will need to cover any price difference.

3) To receive a full refund from Tour operator, ie. all payments received to date will be 100% refunded.

Other Circumstances of Cancellation

Tour Operator reserves a right to terminate a Customers's trip immediately due to his inappropriate conduct or behaviour, dress or appearance. This may include occasions where the Customer is drunk, in possession of, or taking or dealing in narcotics, or uses threatening,abusive, insulting or violent behaviour to any of our staff or third parties or other Customers or any behaviour detrimental to the enjoyment of the majority of the group.

Tour Operator strongly advise that Customers have full personal travel insurance that covers for the refund of monies paid in case either party cancels the tour for any reason.

For damages where Tour Operator is responsible, it’s liability is strictly limited to twice the total price of the tour.

Force Majeure

If, before the start of the tour, Acts of God, political incident, Force Majeure or heavy weather covering the tour route should render cycling inadvisable or dangerous to the life or health of the cyclists or cause damage to the bikes, with or without consultation, Tour Operator shall have the right to delay, alter or postpone the tour. Likewise, in the course of the execution of the tour, should heavy weather or Force Majeure events occur to make it inadvisable for cyclists to cycle, the Tour Leader shall have the right to delay, alter or postpone cycling until the conditions permit the parties to make adjustments to the itinerary including cancellation of routes through certain areas. Tour Operator shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of its obligations which results directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstance which is beyond its reasonable control. The following shall be regarded as examples of such circumstances: act of God, outbreak of hostilities, outbreak of infectious or contagious disease, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, revolution, the act of any government or authority (including but not limited to refusal or revocation of any licence or consent), fire, flood, lightning, explosion, fog, landslide, subsidence or bad weather, interruption or failure of a utility service (including but not limited to electricity, gas, water or telecommunications), renovations undertaken by the hotel, strikes, lockouts or boycotts, embargo, blockade in the country visited or elsewhere.



Customers must be in possession of a valid passport and all the visas and permits required for the tour. This includes any medical certificates that are required. The Customers accepts full responsibility for obtaining any and all such documentation. bout their immigration / transit policies.Tour Operator does not accept responsibility if Customers documentation is not in order.

Information provided by the Tour Operator about these matters and other related items (clothing, baggage, climate etc.) is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of the company.

Travel Insurance

Tour Operator has its own insurance policy but with limited coverage. Tour Operator strongly advise that the Customers arrange their own policy to suit their own requirements that include adequate cover for personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, injury, illness, death, Customers property and repatriation of the Customers and any Customers property. Insurance should also provide cover for cancellation or curtailment of the holiday and any consequential loss any liability to third parties. Customers should also ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting protection for any dangerous or unusual activities that might be included in their tour.

A copy of the travel insurance should be given to Tour Operator prior to departure of the tour. The Customers can either mail, fax or email it to the Tour Operator or give it to the Tour Leader before the tour,.

Tour Authority

Upon signing up for a tour Customers must agree to accept the authority of the tour leader who is the representative of the Tour Operator. At all times the authority of the tour leader will be final when concerning matters likely to endanger Customers own health or safety or in regard to behavior or ill health that is causing or is likely to cause danger, distress or disturbance to the group and the well-being of the tour. Failure to abide by the authority of the tour leader could result in the immediate termination of Customers participation in the tour. In such circumstances

Tour Operator reserve the right to terminate all travel arrangements without liability on the part of the company. Customers must always comply with the local law, customs and drug regulations of Malaysia. Failure to do so may lead to Customers being ordered to leave the tour without recourse to any refund or any legal claim against the company.

Flights or Delays

Tour Operator will not accept any liability for any delay in Customers outward or inward flight/s, whether the cancellation or delay is caused by the weather, airline rescheduling, industrial action or mechanical failure. Tour Operator will give no refunds or compensation for lost time and services from the itinerary.


Should Customers have a complaint while on tour, he or she must notify the tour leader, or the Tour Operator, at the earliest opportunity, so that they can do what they can to immediately rectify it. Failure to do so will result in the limiting of a Customer's ability to claim compensation. If the problem is not brought to Tour Operator attention, the company will have no opportunity to rectify it. Any complaints should be sent to Tour Operator in writing, or by email, not more than 28 days after the tour ends.

Limited Liability

Unless where caused by an intentional or negligent act on Tour Operator part, Tour Operator is not liable for illness or bodily injury or property damage as a result of (but not limited to): insect bites, food poisoning or animal attack or criminal attack, physical exertion for which a guest is not prepared; forces of nature; travel by plane, train, auto, boat or other conveyance, or by bicycle, kayak, foot or other form of active or adventure travel; consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotics; civil unrest; terrorism; breakdown of equipment; high altitude; lack of or limited access to medical attention in remote locations; and the adequacy of medical attention obtained or provided.

Tour Operator is also not liable for: expenses (e.g., meals, transportation or hotel costs) that are not specified as included in the trip cost but may be required to get to or from a trip start or end.

Tour Operator reserves the right in its discretion to make route and hotel modifications as necessary to improve the trip quality or to accommodate the comfort and well-being of guests.

Customers will be asked to sign Tour Operator’s Waiver and Release of Liability form before the start each tour. The person who signs the booking form (which incorporates these conditions) warrants that he / she does so, with full authority on behalf of all those whose names appear thereon, and confirms thereby that all such persons accept and are fully aware of these conditions.

Climate, Health, Pregnancy

Customers should be prepared for climates in Malaysia, and should pack accordingly. Customers may suffer from insect bites and stomach upsets and diarrhea and should carry medicine to deal with these routine matters. Customers should obtain all necessary inoculations prior to departure and should consult a hospital or doctor for advice on what inoculations you should have. Customers are asked to advise us specifically if they have any handicap, disability, disease, allergies or health problems or dietary requirements. Tour Operator expect Customers to disclose these frankly, so that Tour Operator can consider whether any additional arrangements ought to be made in Customer’s own interests, or whether Tour Operator can agree to accept Customers for the trip.

Tour Operator do not accept any females Customers who are more than three months pregnant.

Youth on Tours

Youths from age 14 on up are welcome on standard bike tours. Children under the age of 14 will be considered on a case by case basis. If a family with younger children wishes to join a date, Tour Operator will contact guests already registered on that date and with their OK, will accept the family's booking. Youths must share a room with a family member or have a private room

(single supplement applies).

Customers grant Tour Operator express permission to take photographs or make film records of its trips for promotional and commercial use, as well as approve such use by third parties with whom Tour Operator may engage in joint marketing, without financial remuneration. Any intellectual property rights in such photos or films shall belong to Tour Operator.

Privacy Policy

Tour Operator respects Customer's right to privacy. The personal information gathered from Tour Operator website and from any printed applications or questionnaires is used solely by Tour Operator for the registration and operation of the tours. Some personal information, such as addresses, maybe exchanged with banking institutions while processing payment. Email address will not be shared with anyone.

Governing Law

This Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Malaysian Law