How To Book Your Holiday

1. Search for Your Hotel or Package

You can book anything from day tours, transfers, coaches, travel packages and accommodation

through journeymalaysia. Just search for your intended destination in our website and get access to a wealth of information, written for travellers by travellers.

2. Booking

When you’re satisfied and ready to book, the links to the operators are provided in the webpages highlighting the trips, transportation, accommodation you wish to partake in. no longer make bookings on behalf of our customers. But knowing that we have many small operators who are doing their bit for the wellbeing and dedication to their passion especially those who are involved in social enterprises, conservation and preservation work - educating those in areas that are pertinent to the world of travel - which is basically diversity. Diversity in many different forms - biodiversity, cultural diversity, racial diversity .. these are the main traits of why people travel to places far away. To discover, appreciate and document this great diversity in hope that with diversity comes unity. Unity will then beget peace and tolerance.