Ramadan - Malaysia

Ramadan is the month for rebuilding our spiritual strength. It falls on the the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which all Muslims must fast during the daylight hours. Indulgence of any sort is forbidden during the fast.

"Anyone who fasts during this month with purity of belief and with expectation of a good reward (from his Creator), will have his previous sins forgiven," said Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam. "Anyone who stands in prayers during its nights with purity of belief and expectation of a reward, will have his previous sins forgiven." The rewards for good deeds are multiplied manifold during Ramadan.

In Malaysia, the Ramadhan month is observed within the muslim communities. Food Bazaars are becoming increasingly popular. Usually, the open air temporary stalls are set up in designated places. Sometimes, streets are closed for the duration of the bazaar hours which is from 4.30pm until 7.45pm. Many leaving work in the evenings will buy food home from these bazaars to break fast with their families.

The fasting month ends in celebration when the new moon is sighted on the evening of the last day of Ramadhan.