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Lukut - food in the city


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Lucky King Seafood Restaurant - Chicken Curry/Herbal or Crab Pau

The famous Lukut 'pau' or dumpling is served here at the Lucky King seafood restaurant. This restaurant is set at the corner of a row of shops facing the main road. It is definitely a must try for those of you who are fond of varied gastronomic experiences. Not like the ordinary dimsum 'pau' we are used to. The lucky pau is generally the size of a loaf of bread, the pau is stuffed with either chicken curry, herbal or crab. Chicken curry pau is available daily whereas herbal and crab pau is made to order. There are 2 sizes; small at RM16 and large at RM22 each. However, if you're thinking of a takeaway - suggest not using the microwave to reheat, the stuffing is wrapped and sealed in foil, placed in the dough and then baked in the oven.

The seafood dishes are good too so before you decide on the size of the pau, perhaps you could check out the menu?!




Lukut Estuary Fishing Jetty - prawn noodles

About 11km from Lukut, this place cater to fishing enthusiasts. Many part time fishermen can be found hanging off a jetty platform waiting for that bite. Usually, they look out for siakap, baung, kerapu or catfish. However, for seafood enthusiasts, the fishing village nearby would be your best bet for a good, steaming plate of fresh prawn noodles.Daytime is the best time to come savour a bit of fresh fish and other seafood dishes.


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