Bario Highlands Best Time to Go ~ Sarawak Borneo

Best Time To Go

The highland rests on an altitude of between 3400 to 6000 feet above sea level in the north-eastern corner of Sarawak. There are times when the fog gets as thick as pea soup and flights are cancelled, leaving passengers stranded back on the tarmac in Miri for an undetermined period of time â?? but that happens mostly during the monsoon seasons, towards the end of year and stretches into the New Year. Then there are times when smoke from forest fires ignited in parts of Kalimantan, Borneo and Sumatra is blown into the highlands, blanketing the entire valley. Sometimes the smoke lingers for days on end. But of course, this happens mostly during the dry season, sometime between June and September. So, as I was saying, if time is of essence, this trip is not for you.

Things to Know before you go

• Electricity is reliant on diesel or petrol generators. Most longhouses / home stays do not have hot showers so make sure to shower before nightfall as temperature may drop to its 16ºC - 20ºC during the night.
• Bring along a sleeping bag, towels, raincoat
• The roads can get very muddy during the rainy season so bring along a pair of wellingtons if you have
• The only cellphone service in the highlands is Celcom. Contacting the outside world can also be done through the public phone in town.
• Try to contact the home stays you wish to stay at before going, to make sure the owners are around.
• There are 4WDs for hire. The drivers will take you anywhere nearby within a radius of 10km from town. Beyond that, you will have to walk your way there or hire a buffalo cart to take you there.
• Bring enough money for the trip, there are no ATM cash machines around
• If you're thinking of trekking across to Kalimantan, do bring your passport with you and preferably get your visa done prior to your trip if you have to
• For stays at longhouses, normally there are no electricity, hence no lights - therefore candles will be provided. Again, best to do all you have to do in the bathroom before nightfall. The toilets and baths are usually situated away from the longhouse.