Getting to The Bario Highlands ~ Sarawak Borneo

Getting there and away

By plane

Take a flight to Miri and from there take the twin otter to Bario via Marudi. For flight details to Miri , have a look at and ; and for flight details from Miri to Bario, have a look at

Flying is the best option. The 16 seater twin otter planes are fantastic! On normal days, when passengers are few, the plane will be laden with goods such as cooking oil, some electronic goods sent by family members living down in Miri, rice, tinned foods, home appliances, sacks of sugar and lots more. The items get piled onto empty seats, along the aisle, at your feet, in the holding compartment and even in the nose of the plane. And just to make sure that the plane does not get overloaded, passengers are asked to stand on the weighing scales at the Miri airport checking counter.

You should re confirm our return tickets at the ticketing counter before leaving the airport as the staff still uses the manual system of logging in their confirmations ie log book and a pen. There is a service charge of RM10 per person for reconfirmation of the return flight, payable in cash at the ticketing counter

By Road

Apparently the logging treks have already come dangerously close to Bario and with that, if you're desperate, it's possible to get a ride for RM800 to Miri by 4WD. It's not the smoothest ride nor is it safe but tis only for the desperate.- And you will need lots of time. There are always possibilities of landslides, logging treks being to boggy to travel on, river level too low to traverse etc etc