Bukit Chini - Pahang Malaysia

Another interesting trek would be the Bukit Chini trail. Bukit Chini lies in the 'reserve' and is protected from loggers and plantation owners. There is an area deep in the jungle where the ancient sacred burial grounds of the Orang Jakuns are kept safe and away from prying eyes. According to the locals, it may take a 1-2 days trek to the burial grounds; passing through some of the most unspoilt land in the region . The trek can be arranged through the park rangers who manage the area and together with the 'penghulu' of the village, they will take you up to the peak. But arrangements take time. Besides, the cost is high. Just climbing Bukit Chini (Mount Chini) costs RM80 per person with a minimum of 10persons going. It requires a one-night stay in the jungle so allow 2½ days for the climb. Talk to the proprietors of the resorts, they can help you with these arrangements.

For those who are interested in the level of degradation in the Chini area, here's some information worth noting -