Pulau Sibu - Besar & Tengah

Pulau Sibu is part of the Seribuat Archipelago down south and is made up of several islands namely Pulau Sibu Besar, Pulau Sibu Tengah, Pulau Sibu Kukus and Pulau Sibu Hujung. Pulau Sibu Tengah is a tiny island home to Sibu Island Resort, a large resort catering to local and foreign tourists. About 5 minutes by speedboat from the larger of the two islands , Sibu Tengah has all that a tourist would appreciate - a full fledged resort with chalets and rooms packed with every bit of creature comforts city slickers are accustomed to. Snorkelling to Kukus island just 3minutes boat ride from this island provides an adventure to novices. Otherwise, for those completely resigned to a lazy holiday, then this resort is the best place to vegetate.

sea gypsy and sibu island cabana resorts share the same beach

Pulau Sibu Besar, on the other hand is some 7kms long and about 1km wide. One of the largest islands on the Seribuat Archipelago, it's surprising that Sibu has retained much of its natural beauty and tranquility. In the past decade when all the islands up in Terengganu has sped off in the direction of mass tourism and commercialisation, Sibu ambles on at its own pace. The local village continues to eke out a living off the seas and a few of the younger generation opt to work at the nearby resorts for a steadier income and a change of lifestyle. The villagers have kelongs out in the bay where they now rear fish and prawns and a few kelongs are used as a fishing retreat where keen recreational fishermen spend their weekends fishing and bonding with fellow 'inmates' on the platform. There are simple accommodation on these kelongs for rent.

The main stretch of beach has 4 beach resorts of varying budgets and preferences. Sea Gypsy Village Resort run by Linda, a British, is a favourite with Singaporean expatriate families. So popular they were with young families at one point, that they started up a kid's centre where activities are set up for children for a good part of the day so that their parents are pretty much left alone to their own time. Very precious commodity - time can be for young families! Sea Gypsy also runs the only established Dive Centre on Sibu Besar.

To the back of the island through a 25 minute jungle trek, sits Rimba Resort. Journeymalaysia.com writers went off on a exploratory trip to Sibu Besar in June 2004 and were well impressed with two set ups on Sibu namely Rimba Resort and Sea Gypsy Village resort. For more story on these two resorts, click to Rimba Resort or Sea Gypsy Village Resort.

Article contributor: Jonathan Wong. Dated: 6th June 2004