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Pulau Tioman - Scuba Diving


Diving in Tioman

1. ABC House Reef

(Difficulty: openwater and above)

Date: 29th October 2001

Decomp: none

Depth: 5m

Current: none

Viz: 5m

A wonderful refresher dive - an extremely relaxed dive with 70minutes of bottom time to inhale the true beauty of the underwater scenery. A good variety of hard and soft corals - table corals, staghorns, mushroom corals, porites etc.

A large green turtle voraciously digging and turning over staghorn corals for food, turns as we crowded round it but it was obvious that there was something in those corals that was worth risking life for - it didn&;t deter at all from its task.

A rather pumped out looking star puffer was seen lying motionless on a pile of clay pipes, small spotted eels popped their heads out of coral patches strung with bits of fishing nets, large clams, goatfishes, goby and their shrimp partners, lizardfish, young groupers, redbreasted wrasses, large coral trouts, pharaoh cuttlefish, sweepers, a herd of bumphead parrotfish and lots of juveniles.

2. Salang House Reef

(Difficulty: openwater and above)

Date: 25th September 2001

Decomp: none

Depth: 7m

Current: none

A Thai trawler which sank three years ago, sits on the sea bed just off Salang Beach. This is a favourite dive spot for night diving, most likely because of its shore dive convenience. Sandy bottom all the way with clumps of isolated corals here and there. There were goatfish and flounders still out searching for food and the occasional wrasse and parrotfish.

3. Fan Canyon

(Difficulty: openwater and above)

Date: 26th September 2001

Decomp: 3min at 15&;

Depth: 18m

Current: none

Visibility: 7m

Apt name for the place. There are sea fans everywhere of various shapes and sizes. A good variety of hard corals and sponges and if you have time, take a closer look at the sea anemone. Not only are there anemonefish, but cleaner shrimps and crabs too. May be a good idea to bring along a torch to truly appreciate the vibrant colours. There was also a Warsaw grouper lurking just off the ledge.

Only problem with this place is that with the large number of keen divers not to mention &;new&; divers have caused quite a bit of strain on the environment. There are some visible signs of wear and tear especially along the slopes where often divers descend. Control that buoyancy of yours and contrary to popular beliefs of feet down descend, try to swim as you descend. This will allow you to watch where you land at the bottom.

4. Soyah

(Difficulty: openwater and above)

Date: 26th September 2001

Depth: 10m

Current: mild

Vis: night dive

A good place to do a refresher dive and also a night dive. Soyah is the tiny island facing Salang jetty and often you&;d find a number of snorkellers there. A pleasant night dive for those of you who prefer looking at micro stuff and studying their bedtime habits. Scorpionfish, morays and other relatively happy nocturnal feeders take the first few hours of the night shade to hunt. Others build cocoons, hide in holes and under a fine layer of sand, group together or sleep amongst corals. Great stuff!


5. Pulau Labas

(Difficulty: openwater and above)

Date: 26th September 2001

Decomp: 3min at 15&;

Depth: 15m

Current: mild

Visibility: 8m

After a 40min slow boat ride from Salang, Buda our dive instructor led us down 15meters and we gradually finned our way to the back of Pulau Labas. Another popular dive site a little further out from Tioman. Scorpionfish, nudibranchs, juveniles, moray eels etc. but it seemed that for that time of the day, business was a little slow and hence the normal denizens were only just trickling in. A nice swimthrough, under huge stacked boulders at the end of dive made it even more memorable!


Please Note that the above dive logs are experiences from our divers at If you would like to know more about divesites around Tioman from those who dive frequently here then go :

Salang Dive Centres

B&J Diving centre

Tel: (6) 09 - 419 5555 Fax: (6) 09 419 5554
For more on courses and dive rates, please refer to B&J Dive Centre page.

B&J has two dive centres on Pulau Tioman, one at Salang Beach and the other at ABC beach.

Fishermen Dive Centre

Tel: (6) 09 419 5014

prices compatible with B&J Dive centre


The two diver centres above participate in the A.W.A.R.E programme where for one day in the year, a group of volunteers gather at Tioman to help rid the coral reefs and beaches of rubbish in the area. If you would like to volunteer your services please email : for more information. All dive activity, food and beverage for the day is provided free for volunteers.

This centre sits close to Salang Pusaka and offers a variety of scuba diving packages.

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