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The Myth of Tasik Chini

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Wrath of the Serpent

Kijang Mas Chalets sit on the banks of Lake Gumum, one of the 12 lakes that add to the water system of Tasik Chini. Where there are lakes, there are always stories to tell of strange creatures that make their home in the underwater caves, deep in the bowels of the black waters. The older Jakun folk that live in the area believe that Naga Seri Gumum; the old dragon still gurads the waters and has been there since the birth of the lake, a long, long time ago.

The story goes like this- once upon a time when the area was miles and days away from any civilised town, the Jakun people were left to their own ways.

One day whilst they were out cultivating land, an old woman appeared. She proclaimed that the piece of land was hers and that the men were trespassing. In claiming her rights to the land, the old woman planted her walking stick into the ground and warned the men never to remove it. Humbly, they apologised and the woman allowed them to continue their work there. Some time later, the dogs started to bark furiously at a decaying log not far away from the area. One of the men went off to investigate the commotion. He hurled his stick at the log and to his surprise, the log started to bleed. He called to his fellowmen and they too hurled their sticks at the log. The startled men stood rooted to the ground as bright red blood gushed out from the log. Shadows fell on them as they watched. The sky above darkened. Bolts of lightning stabbed the earth; thunders deafened the sounds of terrified screams of the men as they fled the area. In their confusion, one of the men knocked over the old woman's walking stick. In doing so a fountain of water shot high into the sky and quickly filled the area. The water gushed for many years, forming the lakes that we see now which has become the home of the mystical dragon called Naga Seri Gumum, the spirit of the log.

Alas, since the building of the dam, much has changed at Tasik Chini. In some areas around the lake, oil palm plantations have crept up almost to the edge. The leaching and flushing of pesticides and fertilisers into the lake from the plantations is likely to damage the fragile ecosystem of the lake. With proper management and use of organic fertilisers this would help retain the natural conditions of the lake.

But there is still so much hope for Chini. The ecosystem is trying desperately to adapt to the changes made and in some parts, it is actually reviving..the Eugenia spp. along some parts are pushing out new shoots. Saplings are springing up where their predecessors have fallen. The lotus that once spread across large areas of the lake are blooming once again; new growth is taking place. From June to September, the lake is speckled with white and pink lotus blooms. And sometimes in the early evening, tomans (a huge ferocious fresh water fish) can be seen leaping over the lotus leaves, eager to make a meal of an unsuspecting frog .

Chini creates a sense of being. A sense of nostalgia. The myths and legends shrouding the lake provide a feeling of preservation. The preservation of the lost city, its serpent and now, it is up to mankind to once again listen to the call of nature before she releases her wrath and then, there is no more.

Update on the place

Our trip back to Tasik Chini this time, found the place to be suffering a little bit more. Although the beauty and mystique of the lake continues to mesmerise visitors, there seems to be a certain feeling of sadness that has befallen on her. The orang Jakun (indigenous tribe who lives at the lake) believes that the lake is slowly suffocating and the spirits of the lake and the jungle fringing her are upset with the state of the lake. As it is, the lake people have been complaining of poor fish harvests recently and that the stagnant lake water is giving them much worry that soon the juvenile fish stock will die off and the river fishes will no longer return to the lake for spawning. There is only one way to resolve this and it is to do away with the dam.

The orang Jakun are still keeping their chins up on the matter in hope that the situation will be reversed. They believe that the problem is rectifiable and if things happen soon, the lake can be saved and their livelihood restored. With the restoration of the lake will also come the restoration of their folklore and their tales of the good old days where water was so clear and clean one could drink straight from the lake! That would be nice....

journal entry: 15th April 2002

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Cherating Cultural & Fishing Village Tour

Cherating, lovely village located along the Coast of Pahang is truly an exclusive vacationer’s paradise offering a foray of activities. Situated approximately 47 km north of Kuantan. Cherating has develop from a small un-known village into a popular spot among tourist its began as a traditional fishing village providing homestay accommodations in early 70’s. Cherating has grown into an interesting mix of traditional and modern resorts. A stop at the Beserah fishing village to witness how villagersmake a living with their catch of the day, their daily catch is proceed into salted fish, which is local delivery and is then sold in shop.

Pekan Royal Town Tour

Journey to Pulau Keladi Pekan a small island close to the riverpark in Pekan and continued to Kuala Tanjung, where a fishing village is located near a estuary of the Pahang River. As you approach the Royal Town of Pekan, plenty shop houses line the street of the town. Its offer colorful display of the cultural and historical heritage of Pahang. View thesurrounding of the Royal Palace, home of the Sultan Pahang, Polo Field, the Royal Stabel , the State Museum, Watercraft Gallery and Silk Weaving Center.

Elephant Sanctuary, Kuala Gandah Tour

Get on the East Cost Highway exist at Lanchang that’s where the Kuala Gandah elephant. Santuary is located. The department of Wildlife and National Park established Kuala Gandah Relocation Team, which began the elephant translocation program in 1974, presently Kuala Gandah houses an elephant brought in from Thailand and Myanmar. The elephant were trained and use in problem areas thoughtout Peninsular Malaysia. There will be a daily schedule of events for tourist visiting the sanctuary

Kuantan Rivercruise cum City Tour

Visitor to Kuantan should not miss the opportunity of taking a ferry cruise. During the two hours cruise, the interesting sight include mangrove swamps lining the river-banks,fishing boats chugging their way to the port with the day’s catch andof Kuantan. The mangrove swamps cover an area of over 300ha. The swamps have existed for more than 500 years and initiatives by the state to preserve the flora and fauna has lead to an environment rich in marine life. A half-hour stop at mangrove walkway allows to get a closer look at mangrove the ferry meanders its way out of the swamps, one can see monitor lizards lazing around or having their meals. As the ferry moves to sea, scenes of beautifulbuilding reflecting Pahang’s heritage and the serenity of kampong houses emerge

Lake Chini Tour

In the southern portions of Pahang about 100km from Kuantan and 60 km West of the Royal Town of Pekanlies another of Pahang unique attractions. Lake Chini actually is group of 12 freshwater lake in Malaysian’s answers to Lock Ness Legends. Legends and folklores enshroud the lake witha mystical aura. Lake Chini is said to be the site of a submerge Khmer City, guarded by mythical creature . In August and September the lake is filled with thousand of white and pink lotuses. A host of activities can be enjoyed here such as boat ride and for fascinating experience visit the Orang Asli settlement and take home a unique handicraft. (blowpipes)

Kemaman Turtle (Rantau Abang) & Pearl Night Tour

Turtle watching is part time that is unique in this part ofWest Malaysia, a fascinating phenomenon not to be missed by anyone with the slightness instinct of a conservationist.Every of May to September, giant green turtle will come ashore to lay their eggs. Chendors beach is a common nesting ground to these turtles. Watch as the giant turtles lumber up to the “tears” they produce after they lay theireggs as they way back to open sea.

Kuantan Cave & Waterfall Exploration Tour

Bukit Charah is a huge limestone outcrop located northwest of Kuantan towering above rubber and oil palm plantations. Short 60 feet climb to a narrow step flight of steps, leading to a cave, ends at the Forest Reserved where arboretum for ‘Rattan’ (cane) has been establish is a spectacular waterfall with a series of eight cascades ending in a large swimming pool. Don’t miss a cool refreshing in this pool of nature.

Terengganu City Tour

The scenic journey up to the north takes you throughcoconut plantations and quaint Malay fishing villagers dotted with colorful fishing boat of all sizes. Along theway, witness local lifestyle of making Bamboo-rice known as ‘Lemang’ fish cracker (keropok) and salted fish. At the turtle sanctuary, read about giant ‘Leatherback’ turtle. Stop to see local handcraft like wood-carving, batik printing, brass-wares, weaving of pandans leaves, songket weaving and the Malaysian’s silk center. See the Sultan Town and unique architectureof the floating Mosque

Kemaman Fireflies (Kampung Ibuk) Tour

Have you ever wondered about the small blinking creatures that light of up summer night? The yellow glow is a product of their protein it make and as a form of communication . This sections of their bodies which light up is usually about half of a firefly’s total weight watch this as you cruise a long River Yakyah and discover the wonders recorded in the insect world

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