Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest

This forest covers Bukit Angsana and makes a good day trip from Seremban, only 20km away. This is a favourite place for picnickers especially during the weekends. Here, the visitor will find a cascading waterfall and a man-made rock pool ideal for splashing around on a hot Sunday morning. For the more adventurous, jungle trekking to Gunung Angsi (Mount Angsi) - 825m may be preferable for good views of Seremban and the Straits of Melaka below.

The trek takes about 2hours. Or alternatively, you can take the shorter trails around the park that branches out from the park headquarters where dipterocarp canopy above shelters the path. Sungai Batang Terachi (Batang Terachi River) runs through the area and is an excellent spot for swimming and picnicking. Bring mosquito repellent!

Opening hours: 7.00am - 7.00pm