Getting there & Best time to go , Penang Hill - Penang Malaysia

Getting There

By car

Head towards Air Itam.

By Bus

Take the Rapid Bus Penang. For easier planning, use this or this route map

By Taxi

The thing with penang taxis are that they don't run on meters and can cost up to RM18 - 25 per way. try bargaining. Or the other alternative is the mobile apps such as uber or grabcar. These tend to be cheaper than the conventional taxis. If you're travelling during peak hours and may encounter some traffic time, choose grabcar over uber as the former is on a fixed rate calculated on distance and not time taken.

Penang Hill's Funicular Tram

The spruced up funicular looks more like an LRT (light rail transit) carriage unlike the trams that we've been accustomed to pre-2010 - rickety, slow, hot, romantic, filled with wild memories and guess what, passengers got to savour the natural environs as we were slowly pulled along the track up the hill. Today, it's a race up the hill, a tussle with lots of selfie fiends ( er i mean fans) and more tourists and fewer travellers. And to think it through, we felt so shortchanged and raped of great moments plus having to pay so much more for a ticket too ..

Open all year round. However, the queues can get very long during school & public holidays and certain peak hours. Open Daily: 6.30a.m - 11.00p.m (Last train from top station) The Ticketing counter will be closed at: 10.30p.m . OK, so when you get to the foot of the hill and you think it may be a breeze getting on the funicular, take a step round the corner and you will see the queues snaking towards the ticketing counter. You could always opt to pay even more and take the fast lane or you can book your ticket online


Trekking up and down the hill can be done but only via the Botanical Gardens and not from the Penang Hill funicular train side of the hill.

It is also advisable NOT TO TREK DOWN THE HILL in the late evenings as it gets dark quite rapidly and although there are streetlights along the trail, it is only lit for a short while. You may find yourself completely in the dark halfway down the trail if you take leave late. Moreover by the time you get to the foothills , there won't be available taxis and the walk to the bus stop is another 20minutes in the dark. When you get to the bus stop , depending what time of the night it is, it may be a long wait as the bus frequency reduces as the night wears on.

Best time to go

Open all year round. If you're thinking of taking the trails down, make sure you leave early enough in the afternoon as there are no street lamps etc lighting your way down the trail, in case you come down too late in the evening..

The funicular train closes for maintenance and service at certain times of the year. Do check with your concierge on whether there are any events or closures before going