Birdwatching in Langkawi (2 Days) - Kedah Malaysia

Langkawi has a rich diversity of ecosystems and habitat types. This includes lowland broadleaf rainforest, mangrove forest, reed beds, rice paddies, orchards, scrublands and mudflats. This therefore ensures a correspondingly rich diversity in birdlife on the island. This tour is suitable for serious birders between September to April only.

There are 3 species of Hornbills including the Great Hornbill, 8 species of Kingfishers including the Brown-winged Kingfisher, 20 species of birds of prey including the Mountain Hawk Eagle, 6 species of owls including the Brown Hawk Owl, 4 species of woodpeckers including The Great Slaty Woodpecker, 4 species of munias including the White-headed Munia, 5 species of sunbirds including the Crimson Sunbird along with many species of rails, crakes, plovers, egrets, herons, snipes and sandpipers.

Tour Description


Langkawi Island, rainforest - mangrove forest - rice fields ~ jungle

Minimum no. of Persons


Place of Departure

any hotel on Langkawi Island

Trip Availability

Specified days. October month not advised - unpredictable downpours

Pictures by: Dr. Ho Min Lim taken on June 2007

Birdwatching in Langkawi (2 Days) ~ valid till 31st March 2017 (rates based on per person per package)


Daily on request


morning & evenings


2 days - 7.30am to 8.00pm : 4.00pm to 8.00pm & 7.30am to 8.00pm : 4.00pm to 8.00pm


T shirts, shorts, walking shoes, hat and good sun protection, keep attire to dull / earth colors like green, brown, grey or black


RM 750 per person


Minimum 2 persons maximum 12 persons. Not suitable for children.

Fitness Level

Very easy

Rate above inclusive of :
  • Transfer from and to the hotel
  • birdwatching guide, drinking water
  • Although we provide binocular, but we advise you to bring your own

Please Note:

* The client shall pay the expenses incurred when he or she asks for their personal purposes such as shopping, etc.

**Please Note that there will be a credit card charge on payment made. Conditions apply


Day 1 – Session 1: Pick up time: 7.30am

Itinerary: Rainforest Birds and Mangrove Forest Birds

The open corridor between tracks of rainforest is best for observing these birds. Among the birds we may see are Flower Peckers, Hill Mynas, Dollarbirds, Green Pigeons, Drongos, Tailorbirds, Babblers, Bulbuls, Sunbirds, Eagles, Woodpeckers and Oriental-pied Hornbils

Our next destination takes us to a mangrove forest to search out Brown-winged Kingfishers, Collared Kingfishers, Black-capped Kingfishers, White-bellied Sea Eagles, Bhraminy Kites, Common Sandpipers and Little Herons. Return to hotel at 11.30am

Day 1 – Session 2: Pick up time: 3.30pm

Itinerary: Mountain Birds and wetland birds

A short drive to a local village pond that is frequented by Lesser Whistling-Ducks, Little Egrets, Little Herons, Moorhens, Little Grebes, Pond Herons, Needle-tailed Swifts and Striated Swallows.

We drive to the highest peak in Langkawi to see the Great Hornbills and Wreathed Hornbills. These amazing birds will be the highlight of the trip. The Great Hornbills, measures at 1.3meters (4 feet) from tip of beak to tip of tail, are the largest birds in Langkawi.

Return to hotel at 8.00pm

Day 2 – Session 1: Pick up time: 7.30am

Itinerary: Scrubland, Disturbed Forest, Mudflats and Plantations Birds.

Depending on the tide, we might start at the mudflat area where we get to see Pacific Golden Plovers, Sand Martins, Sand Pipers and Artic Warblers. We then continue on to scrubland rainforest in search of Black-hooded Orioles and continue on to plantations in the hope of seeing Chestnut-breasted Malkohas and Blue-wing Pittas. Return to hotel at 11.30am

Day 2 – Session 2: Pick up time: 3.30pm

Itinerary: Paddyfield Birds

We make our way to the paddyfields in search of birda associated with this habitat. We may get to see Sandpipers, Plovers, Lapwings, Pond Herons, Egrets, Bitterns, White-throated Kingfishers, Peaceful Doves, Spotted Doves and Plain-backed Sparrows. Also any other target birds that we have not seen yet. Return to hotel at 8.00pm

Terms & Conditions:

Cancellation of tour

In any of the following cases the ground operator may cancel the tour;

~ In the event of poor weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond operator's control, and when safe and smooth tour operation according to the itinerary specified has become impossible.
~ When the client demands things that are beyond the reasonable scope of the details in the itinerary

Liability of Ground Operator and Exemptions

The Ground operator and (Dolphin Diaries Travel Sdn Bhd) shall not be liable to pay compensation at all time. Guests join the activity (s) at their own risk.