100 Cintra Street - George Town UNESCO WHS, Penang


Built in 1897 by a Siamese lady as her home, south of the Malabar Village of Penang. It exchanged hands many times until the Lim family acquired it in 1938. They have owned this building since.

In 1984 it was destroyed by a fire and was rebuilt in 1999. The rebuilding was done to facilitate the use of recycled materials from other buildings being destroyed in Penang.
It was reopened as a cultural shopping centre but due to declining business in the artifacts business it was decided to convert the first floor into a hostel/budget guesthouse to open on 18 December 2004.
The atmosphere within the building is unique in that the interior reflects the philosophy of the 'passage of time' to record the events of the building. The use of recycled buildings material is evident everywhere. The building was designed and restored by one of Malaysia's leading architect Jimmy Lim.
Well known for his tropical architecture and for his work he has received the Aga Khan Architectural Award for Excellence, besides numerous other Awards. This building is regularly visited by architectural students and architects.


Penang or Pulau Pinang ~ Georgetown ~ heritage guesthouse

Room Type

14 Single / Double rooms on raised traditional timber platforms, each with their own windows and a 6-bedded dormitory

Room Description

A mosquito net, hanging basket for your belongings with fan and common shower and toilets

Facilities & Activities

Folk museum and a cafe, guests can request for luggage storage, barbecue facilities and laundry services from the staff. Conveniences include a souvenir/gift shop.


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