Hutton Lodge - George Town UNESCO WHS, Penang


The two storey bungalow is located at No. 17, Hutton Lane, on Lot 481, Sek. 18, D.T.L, Bandar Georgetown, Penang. The back portion of the annex building abuts Dicksens Street, facing the Penang Road Central Police Headquarters.

The adjacent premise number 15, Hutton Lane is a four storey modern building known as Eden Café, flanked by a row of two storey traditional shop houses. Buildings on the opposite side of the road are of mixed styles; a multi-storey car park building built by the Municipal Council of Penang Island, and No. 32, a two storey straits eclectic style bungalow building known as Tai Shan Convalescent Home. Generally, this area remains as a highly commercial and mixed use residential area as it is located near to the old shopping streets of Penang Road and Campbell Street.

Existing Building

The two storey brick masonry building is set back from Hutton Lane with compound in front and at both sides. The rear of the building is attached to a 2-storey annex building which abuts Dickens Street. The building was destroyed by fire on 18 February 2003, leaving only the brick walls and columns.

The sign painted on the front façade of the building in Chinese characters reads "Pin Kung Hotel & Chinese Restaurant”.

The building is fenced in by a low brickwall with a gate on both sides. On Hutton Lane, it is flanked by buildings on both sides, a four storey commercial building on its left and a row of double storey pre-war shop houses on its right. On Dickens Street, it is flanked by four storey commercial building on one side and a double storey commercial building on the other.

Historical Significance

Hutton Lane is named after Dr. Hutton, the earliest known doctor to serve in Penang. He arrived with two assistants in 1805, when Penang became Presidency. Hutton Lane stretches from Penang Road to Larut Road and is dissected by Transfer Road into two sections. The area was well known as a Malay residential area where the western section near Larut Road was the "Muslim Millionaire’s Row”. The present Savoy Hotel, renovated with a new façade in the late 19th century, was formerly the residence of Mohd. Ariff bin Mohamad Tajoodin, and then his son Wanchee Ariffin (see also Perak Road). Down the road were the substantial homes of Wanchee Ariffin’s eldest son Haji Yusof and son-in-law M.Z. Marican alias The Bunga. It is believed that No. 17 Hutton Lane was at one time owned by the distinguished Marican family based on the search on the old land title deed record.

Mohd. Ariff and his son Wanchee Ariffin were great patrons of Boria. Wanchee kept the Bria minstrels singing for hours with generous tips, provoking complaints by the families of other households where the minstrels were expected to call. The ancestors was the distinguished pioneer Bapu Alauddin bin Meerah Hussein Lebai who as a representative of the Kedah Sultan accompanied tight to Penang.

The historical significance of No. 17 Hutton Lane cannot be fully ascertained at this moment as there are no historical records of events or personalities related to this building. However, it was known as Pin Kung Hotel after 1950’s and also served as Chinese Restaurant until year 2000.

Social Significance

The house originally belonged to an Indian Muslim family and was sold to Mr. Wong Ah Sam in 1925 and later transferred ownership to Cheah Cheong Lim. The property was acquired by the present owners in 1948. It was used as the Pin Kung Hotel and Chinese Restaurant. The house was later tenanted to many subtenants subjected to the Rent Control Act, resulting in rapid dilapidation of the property. After the repeat of rent control, the building was destroyed by fire on 18th February 2003.

Architectural Significance

The building at No. 17 Hutton Lane is one of the few surviving bungalow sites in Georgetown. A number of similar bungalows can be found in Chulia Street, all of which are now used as budget hotels. A 19th century Indo-Malay bungalow, from 1890’s, the cohere is supported by two pairs of circular brick columns. A row of jalousies (louvered window shutters) line the upper floor façade. Based on the justification on the social history, architecture and town setting significance, the building was categorized as heritage conservation building category II by the Municipal Council.


Penang or Pulau Pinang ~ Georgetown ~ guesthouse ~ Heritage building

Room Type

26 rooms with/without attached bathroom

Room Description

Extra large beds with Individually controlled air-conditioning , rooms with attached bathrooms (Limited rooms) or common bathrooms, towel , soap

Facilities & Activities

Garden terrace, Public telephone, Wifi Access, Laundry, Luggage storage, Travel information, Breakfast, Parking , Bicycle for hire

Check in : 2.00pm ; Check out : 11.00am

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