Borneo Highlands Kayaking Trip ~ Kuching, Sarawak Borneo

Note: Depending on the river conditions, this trip at Borneo Highlands may be offered instead of rainforest kayak for an equally (if not more) scenic and memorable river experience

After about 40 minutes drive from town you are transported to the mist covered hill sides of Borneo Highlands with undulating terrain dotted by small scale pepper farms where you’ll alight at Bengoh, a delightful Bidayuh village and staging point for journeys by foot or rivers deep into the interiors.

Here you’ll be given brief paddling instructions and safety briefing before proceeding down some steps to a small tributary where your parked kayaks await you for a group photo opportunity before we embark on our kayaking adventure. This shaded stream with overhanging trees, steep banks and a bridge overhead has just enough room for your kayaks to get through and meanders a short distance before opening into the vista of Sg. Sarawak Kiri.

A quarter of the way floating down the river we’ll alight at Kg Danu just after the pedestrian only suspension bridge, to stretch our legs and to have a short walk to have a look at this delightful Bidayuh village. You can purchase seasonal fruits there and the most popular being ‘the king of fruits’ - the durian!

You will then continue our relaxing journey with lush vegetations on both banks and will stop by a sandy bank beneath soaring limestone hills at the half way point but not before getting past an exciting class 2 rapid!

After the swimming and delicious lunch break, you’ll be astounded by the ever changing and stunning scenic views as you turn the corner. Just before we reach the end of the journey before the suspension bridge at Kg. Semadang, we’ll kayak beneath a huge rock outcrop which turns into an unexpected waterfall on rainy days!

Trip Description


Sarawak ~ Sungai Kuching Kanan ~ roughly 40 minutes drive from Kuching city centre


5 to 6 hours (including transportation from and back to Kuching)


9.00 a.m. from hotels in the city.


Easy to Moderate


3 persons


Non-swimmer must be accompanied by a guide on the same kayak. We do not allow more than 1 non-swimmer per trip, children above 5 yrs old can participate as long as parents are with them


Late November until Early February, monsoon season

Borneo Highlands Kayaking

Fun Filled Adventure

Duration: 6 Hours | 2-Way Pick Up 0900 (within Kuching Town)

Physical Rating: Average

Lunch & bottled water provided

Guided tour

Kayak down Sungai Sarawak Kiri

Tour ends at Kpg. Semadang, Borneo Highlands

For more information, contact

Tel: +60 13-804 8338 /


Tel: +60 13-811 9669 /

Please Consider Bringing along the following:

  • Any medication you may require (please inform us of your medical needs). It’s a good idea to carry any medication like an Asthma Reliever inhaler (puffer) in a waterproof bag on your person so it can be reached while paddling.
  • Sun Screen. SPF 30+
  • Insect Repellant
  • A hat or cap (that won’t blow off)
  • For those with delicate hands, gloves are advisable to prevent blisters
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes for the end of the trip
  • Camera. You’ll need either a waterproof camera or at least a disposable camera that won’t matter if it gets wet. It not a good idea to use a non-waterproof camera on the water - it’s too easy to drop one or get it splashed.
  • We’ll supply bottled drinking water and on most our trips brunch can be provided at extra cost with prior arrangements, which usually includes a sandwich and fresh local fruit and pastries (some healthy and not so healthy). Feel free to bring extra water, sports drinks or snack food if you think you might need it.No alcohol on the paddle of course.

What to wear?

In general you should wear clothing that is comfortable that you could swim in in case you were to fall in!

However DO NOT wear cotton as they do not dry well and they dissipate body heat rapidly. You can most certainly get a chill. Cotton T-shirt , jeans, pants and shorts are therefore NOT suitable kayaking wear.

Most people wear a light short sleeve shirt with shorts over a swimsuit. Some people use bike shorts or tights. On our Rainforest Trip, we will be making rest stops along the way that offers opportunities for a swim in the refreshing hill waters. On our River to Sea Kayak Trip, we’ll be stopping by a beach for a picnic break where one can go for a swim.

A wind shell (rain jacket) can be useful although we rarely find they are needed.

A wet suit is not good to paddle in as they tend to be too restrictive and you would get very hot if it’s sunny. If you don’t wear a shirt with sleeves you might also find you get some chafing from the PFD (life jacket).

Footwear - it’s important to wear footwear that you can get wet and leave on during the paddle. Old sandshoes or wet suit booties are best otherwise old runners or sports sandals. Please DO NOT try to paddle barefoot as you never know what you could step on (sharp rocks/stones, broken glasses).

Spare clothes. You will probably want to change at the end of the trip so you’ll need spare clothes, shoes and a towel.

If you would like to shower after the paddle there is a public toilet with cold water showers and changing room at Wind Cave where we take-out for the Rainforest Kayak Trip at Bau area.

*NOTE: For those who wear spectacles; you are advised to consider switching to contact lens for the trip or to ensure that your glasses are properly secured. Otherwise you may lose them if you go for an unintended swim!