4 Days 3 Nights Jungle Expedition at Kawang Forest Reserve , Kinarut - Sabah Borneo

This spectacular 1, 551 hectare forest reserve was gazetted on March 16, 1957 in an effort to preserve and sustain the biodiversity of the primary forest reserve. In 1984, it was re-classified as a second class domestic forest reserve. The main function of the reserve is to supply gravity water from the on site Tanaki waterfall system to the local population living within its proximity.

Outdoor enthusiasts who conquer this expedition will have experienced the typical rough terrain of the Bornean jungle, whilst learning new skills & many facts about the jungle environment. The forest is not often explored providing a chance to see and experience a peaceful, natural & beautiful environment.

Animals Spotted:

Slow Loris ; Pangolin ; Bornean Bearded Pig (Wild Boar) ; Gibbon; Flying Lizard; Western Tarsier; Mousedeer ; Civets ; Monitor Lizards ; Bats ; Pygmy Squirrel ; Pill Millipede ; Skinks

Top Facts:

  • Not visited by tourists, therefore not exploited.
  • One of the best locations to see the Flora of Borneo.
  • Beautiful waterfall system.
  • 1,551 Hectares (3832.5 Acres).
  • 30 Minute drive from Kota Kinabalu to Kawang

Trip Description

Borneo ~ Sabah ~ Kawang Forest Reserve (28 Km from Kota Kinabalu)

Tour Commences from
Kota Kinabalu town

Trekking Distance
Approx 6 km


Minimum No of Pax


Tour Code


What to bring:

 Good sturdy footwear suitable for trekking

 Waterproof jacket/poncho

 Personal medication

 Head torch/handheld torch

 Personal clothing & swim wear

 Wash kit & dry/waterproof bags

 Sleeping bag/ blanket

 Rucksack (around 40 litre capacity).

 Water bottle (1 litre capacity recommended)

The following equipment is supplied

* Hammock, tarpaulin, mosquito net & chord * Mess tin, mug & cutlery * also provide a blanket if required

Extra options

  • Cotton Leech Socks: RM 35.00 per pair (one size) with elastic draw string.
  • Rubber shoes for jungle trekking: RM 15.00 per pair (up to euro size 43).
  • Certificate of completion: RM 7.00.

4 Days 3 Nights Jungle Expedition at Kawang Forest Reserve near Kinarut ~ Valid Till 31st December 2017

(Rates based on per person per package)

Outdoor Activity

Rates per person (RM)

2-4 person

5-8 person

9-12 person

4 Days 3 Nights Jungle Expedition at Kawang Forest Reserve near Kinarut

RM 1,113

RM 1,097

RM 1,082

Rates above include 6% GST (Goods & Services Tax)

Package includes:-

* English speaking guide(s) * first aid support * permits * activity equipment * entrance fees * meals.

Activities included during the expedition:

 Navigation with map & compass

 Jungle survival skills

 Natural medicines, identification & usage.

 Nature guiding - tree, plant & animal species,

observation & identification

 Wild food collection (where possible)

 Camp skills; cooking & fire building

 Bamboo craft (where possible)

 Knots & their usage

 Night walk & wildlife observation

Package excludes:-

* Transportation * Porter Fee (if required) * Personal Insurance

Please Note:

* Each participant is required to complete an indemnity form prior to participating in any activity

Return Transfer from Nexus Karambunai

  • RM 296.80

Return Transfer to KK town

  • RM 128.00 (4 Pax)
  • RM 191.00 (12 Pax)

**Please Note that there will be a non-refundable handling charge on payment made. Conditions apply.

Itinerary :-

Day 1

 Transfer to The Kawang Forest Reserve (Approximately 30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu)

 09:30am – Meet at The Kawang Head Quarters Car Park

 Welcome briefing & site familiarisation

 Equipment allocation

 Safety briefing & Introduction to the rainforest

 Commence trekking (Around 1.5 Km trekking distance)

 Lunch (on route to camp)

 Arrive at jungle campsite 1

 Introduction to equipment

 Camp set up

 Free at own leisure

 Evening meal

 Night walk

 Overnight stay in the jungle, accommodation: Hammocks.

Day 2

 Breakfast

 Prepare for trekking

 Trek to campsite 2 (Around 1.5 Km trekking distance)

 Camp set up

 Lunch

 Free at own leisure

 Evening meal

 Night walk

 Overnight stay in the jungle, accommodation: Hammocks

Day 3

 Breakfast

 Prepare for trekking

 Trek to campsite 3 (Around 1.5 Km trekking distance)

 Camp set up

 Lunch

 Free at own leisure

 Evening meal

 Night walk

 Overnight stay in the jungle, accommodation:


Day 4

 Breakfast

 Prepare for trekking

 Trek to finishing point (Around 1.5 Km trekking distance)

 Lunch (Dependant on departure times)

 Free at own leisure to swim & relax in jungle river

 2:30pm Program closure & departures (Approximately 30 minutes to Kota Kinabalu)


Arrival and departure times are approximate


Participants are advised to purchase insurance coverage for this program as normal insurance may not cover the activities. The operator can make all the necessary arrangements for insurance please find below our insurance package:



Cost per person

Up to 5 Days

Accidental death & disablement: RM 50,000.00
Medical reimbursement: RM 20,000.00
Alternative medicine reimbursement: RM 250.00
Emergency evacuation: Unlimited
Travel cancellation: RM 1000.00
Damage or loss of personal effects: RM 1000.00
Personal liability: RM 1,000,000.00
Credit card indemnity: RM 2,500.00
RM 56.90

Insurance Notes:Insurance packages are provided by Chartis Malaysia from working in conjunction with Vault Financials. If insurance is required we must receive a completed insurance details form within 3 days from activity date (form will be provided upon request) All Information provided will be treated as private & confidential. It is the client’s responsibility to make arrangements for travel/personal insurance. Although we may assist in purchasing insurance, we will not cover each participant for any injuries, the loss of personal items or any medical expenses.

Optional Equipment available for purchase:
Item Sizes Available Cost Per Item(MYR) Remarks
Leech Socks (Cotton) One size fits all `35 Made locally from green cotton with elasticdraw string for securing below the knee.
Malaysian Rubber Shoes(Adidas Kampung) Up to Euro 43 15 Rubber shoes, worn by the locals in the jungle.Proven to be hard wearing, long lasting & giveperfect grip in rainforest terrain.
Ultrathon Insect/MosquitoRepellent Cream Lotion 2oz (56.7g) 50 Contains 34.4% DEET, moisture resistant andprovides up to 12 hours protection
First Aid Kits 18 cm x 13 cmx 6.5 cm 75 Compact, durable first aid kits, complete withcontents


Q. What footwear do I need?

A. Strong sturdy footwear is recommended– sandals, crocs & flip flops are not to be worn during our activities.

Q. What clothes should I wear?

A. Light weight trousers and long-sleeved tops are recommended to keep the mosquitoes away and to protect you body from thorny plants/trees.

Q. What about mosquitoes?

A. Apply decent mosquito repellent which contains Deet (Diethyl-meta-toluamide) before your activity and ensure that you re apply throughout the day. For longer activities in the jungle we recommend that participants seek medical advice with regards to anti malaria medication prior to their participation.

Q. What about drinking water?

A. All water taken from fresh clean water sources is purified. Water purification tablets is used & boiled water to eliminate harmful bacteria. We recommend that participants drink between 2 and 3 litres of water per day.

Q. How hot will it get in the jungle?

A. It may seem a strange question, but your body can quickly overheat during physical exertion in hot climates. Regularly stop during the most strenuous parts of the treks to ensure everyone is coping and drinking enough water.

Q. Can the guides & Instructors speak English and local languages?

A. Yes, all guides and instructors on this trip are fluent in English and other local languages.

Q. What is the overnight accommodation like?

A. Custom hammocks & tarpaulins locally made to our specifications are used. Sleeping in a hammock is remarkably comfortable but takes a bit of getting used to. Mosquito nets are provided, which are used in conjunction with our hammocks to minimize the risk of insect bites.

Q. What is a suitable age for our activities?

A. Provided a reasonable standard of fitness, e.g. being able to walk around 5 kilometers of unpredictable jungle terrain in one day, is maintained then there are no real age barriers. Not recommended taking children under the age of ten years old.

Q. What is the best time to go?

A. The weather in Borneo is always unpredictable. We constantly check weather conditions & adapt our activities where needed. Therefore, weather permitting; activities may be conducted.

Miscellaneous charges:

A MYR 100.00 administration fee will be charged if there are any changes to confirmed bookings. Changes that are officially acknowledged by us at least 5 days prior to date of activity will be eligible for a full refund (Minus the MYR 100.00 Administration fee). If changes are made within 5 days then the changes will be recognised as a cancellation, please refer to our cancellation terms and conditions.


In the event of unforeseen circumstances, making it impossible or inadvisable to factors that do not allow the safe conduct of a safe activity or the delivery of services as described in the itinerary, we reserve the right to change or postpone the program at our absolute discretion. In such event, no resource or claims may be made against us. journeymalaysia (and our ground operators) reserve the right to cancel these tours in the event of adverse weather conditions or in any circumstances beyond our control that are deemed unsafe. Guests will not be entitled to a refund should cancellation of these tours occur. However, where possible, every effort will be made to substitute any cancelled tour with an alternative tour.

• 5 days prior to departure, Our cancellation fee will be imposed; 50% of the total booking amount

• No shows, 100% of the total amount will be forfeited.

Cancellation or postponement of program by ground operator

Activity Notes:

  • Participation – Prior to attending one of our activity programs, each participant must complete an indemnity form,
  • otherwise known as an 'acknowledgement of risk form '.Only those who are physically fit may attend our activities regardless of age. Children, although they may meet the fitness requirements, may not be allowed to attend our activities subject to our absolute discretion. Please contact us directly for any enquiries regarding children.

  • Guides – All of our guides have been carefully selected for their special abilities & knowledge. An English speaking guide is always present during our activity programs & all of our guides are first aid qualified.
  • Locations – All of our activity locations have been specially selected & are areas of outstanding natural beauty.
  • Safety Information – All of our activities are conducted by experienced staff that hold current first aid qualifications and training. Our activities and locations are continually risk assessed and we maintain a high level of safety at all times. Our guides follow our operating procedures and safety guidelines to always provide a safe & professional service.
  • Porters - Throughout our activities the assistance of a Porter is available. The cost is dependent on activity location, duration of program and number of porters required. Please contact us to check availability and costs
  • Equipment – For all of our programs we supply the necessary basic equipment. Each itinerary has a specific information in relation to the relevant activity.
  • For our one day programs we provide the following: drinking water & a group first aid kit. We do not supply the following items: Mosquito repellent, Sun Cream, Rucksack/bag & hiking shoes.
  • With regards to our jungle expeditions we provide the following items to each individual: Hammock, Tarpaulin, Mosquito net, Chord, Mess tin, Mug & Cutlery. We may also provide a blanket if required.

    Whilst on expedition we also supply the following group equipment: Cooking equipment, basic toilet facilities, compasses, GPS, maps, mosquito repellent, sun cream, group first aid kit & water purification tablets.

    For our expeditions we do not supply the following items: Large Personal rucksack/bag (For equipment), torch, personal toiletries, leech socks, water bottle & hiking shoes.

    We are able to answer any enquiries regarding clothing & equipment suitable for our activities, we even stock items such as leech socks & Malaysian rubber shoes (adidas kampung) please contact us.

  • Photography – Throughout our programs we continually take photographs which may be used for media or marketing purposes to include flyers, the internet and presentations. Each participant will be entitled to a copy of any photograph taken. Participants who do not wish their photograph to be used in this way must clearly state this on the indemnity form.
  • Transportation – Agents are to provide program transportation and tour guides if necessary, to and from the activity location. Our staff will normally meet clients at the activity location or alternatively at the collection point.
  • Transportation may also be arranged by us through a 3rd party licensed tour agent. If transport is required please contact us for a quotation.

  • Meals – Where stated in the program itineraries, meals may be provided as part of the program. We offer a variety of different foods and try our upmost to meet participant’s dietary requirements. Due to the nature of activities, meals are usually prepared during the activity program by our guides & participants are able to get involved if they so wish. If you have specific dietary requirements you must contact us as soon as possible so that we may meet your dietary needs.

Special notes:

    Most of the activities offered by us are conducted in remote areas often in the wilderness. Events that may occur in these locations are less predictable & therefore there will always be elements of risk as we are dealing with nature.

    Itineraries planned should be seen as statements of intent, rather than a contractual obligation. Weather and transport difficulties may cause the itineraries to be amended. The trip leader may make any necessary changes with or without consulting the participants. In this case, Borneo Outdoor Expeditions will do everything within our control to minimize the effects of the enforced changes. We cannot however be held responsible for the results of changes or delays, regardless of how they are caused