Tiger Trails in Taman Negara Conservation Programme ~Pahang Malaysia

Are you interested in Rainforest or Wildlife Conservation? Love Tigers, Elephants, Sun bears, Tapirs and more? Want to learn how to live with semi nomadic rainforest people who call these forests their home?

If yes to any of the above, then this project is for you.

You can join us for any number of weeks or just a few days,to play your part in preserving the animals of the worlds oldest rainforest. You will go on responsible treks looking for snares and signs of human presence and poaching in the rainforest. The information gathered will be given to the relevant authorities to act. The trekking part of the programme is in support of MYCAT.

You will join Save The Caves Of Merapoh (SCM) for a weekly caving expedition. This group of locals from Merapoh have stood up to the powers that be and saved a few caves from being bulldozed. But the threat to turn these amazing limestone outcrops into lime for cement is constant. By showing the world how many people care for these amazing caves and the endemic species that live in them, we have a chance to preserve them.

On this adventure you will also meet the amazing Batek, a tribe from Taman Negara that live a foraging lifestyle.You will join the Batek ladies in looking for leaves for weaving,fishing and even stalking rats. This experience is truly community-based tourism at its best. You will also spend a night camping in the jungle, another chance to absorb natures wonders with its guardians,the Batek.

Our project is focused on poacher surveillance patrols where you will help our team to decipher clues of human encroachments in the forest reserves to deter/reduce poaching. You won’t only analyze human movements but also elephants, tigers, sun bears, tapir, gibbons and more. You will help to collect pug marks, scratch marks and other signs of our fury friends in the forest.


Rainforest Conservation

The Sungei Yu Forest Reserve forms part of a tiger corridor which connects Taman Negara and the main mountain range – Titiwangsa Mountain Range. Poaching was high in the area but thanks to patrols from MYCAT and Fuze Ecoteer the amount of poaching has seemingly decreased with less snares and traps being found since 2014. However, we still need to patrol the area as significant poaching still does exist in the corridor. During the treks you will also help our team to collect presence data (pug marks, scratching etc.), which are then analysed by University Science Malaysia and given to various NGO’s and researchers. For example, our presence elephant data is going to the NGO ‘MEME’ Management and Ecology of Malaysian Elephants and the Malayan Tiger and Sambar Deer to MYCAT.

Indigenous Nomadic people

The project also allows you a unique chance to go trekking, foraging and camping with the Batek people. The Batek people we work with are still very connected to the rainforest and during hot spells can live in the forest for months without outside help. It is an honour to be in the rainforest with some of the few people who can still live in the rainforests, you can’t do that in many places. This is a unique chance to learn authentic bush and survival skills like cooking in bamboo and sleeping under a traditional natural shelter from the pros. The ‘developed’ world is catching up on the Batek as their forests are being cleared for plantations. So our project is enabling them to gain an income whilst living in the forest, something they care greatly for: it is their home.


Lastly, Merapoh is famous for wild limestone karsts, probably some of the best in Peninsular Malaysia. You will join a local cave excursion team to explore these many caves that still have species yet to be documented and named by science. However, this isn’t just fun. Many of the caves are earmarked to be cut down and quarried for their lime. An increased tourism presence at the caves is showing the government and local people what potential these caves have for tourism and most importantly promoting a reason for their preservation.

If you want to experience lush rainforest, learn about it, explore it and help preserve its animals, plants and people, then this adventure conservation experience is for you!Highlights

Trek Wild Animals : decipher wild animal tracks of large cats such as tigers, leopards as well as elephants, tapirs, and sun bears

Reduce poaching : poaching is high in the area. Help deactivate snares before they catch wild animals

Wild rainforest : though close to road access, this area is a true wild rainforest region

Local tribe visit : go foraging with the local Batek Tribe women. Their amazing dexterity and ease in the jungle keeps you on your toes as you fumble through the unfamiliarity of their home. Spend the night with the Batek Tribe, a nomadic tribe still found roaming within the confines of the ever shrinking Malaysian rainforests.

Caving : Spend half day esploring limestone cave systems in the area in search of cave paintings

Tiger Trails in Taman Negara Conservation Programme Fee - Valid till 31st October 2017

Duration International Volunteers

Malaysian Volunteers

1 week



2 weeks



3 weeks



4 weeks



3DI2N Tiger Trail Package

RM700 per person

3DI2N BatekTribal Experience

RM700 per person

*MYR Malaysian Ringgit / GBP Great Britain Pounds
** Price includes 6% GST Government Tax


* 6% GST * food, dorm accommodation with shared bathroom, lunches are provided and cooking facilities, all volunteering community.


Travel to and from Merapoh , Insurance, Flight fares

**Please Note that there will be a non-refundable handling charge on payment made. Conditions apply.


This is a weekly itinerary . Minimum number of days stay is 3


Monday Arrival day, briefing and introduction to animal tracks

Tuesday Jungle Walk- 6 hours

Wednesday Jungle Walk- 6 hours

Thursday AM - prep Conservation English session

PM -caving session

Friday Visit Batek village- 3 hour Conservation English session & experiencing the Batek way of life

Saturday Jungle Walk- 6 hours

Sunday Jungle Walk and check on camera traps

Monday Early morning departure


Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks to process your application and payment.

Cancellation Policy

a. Cancellation of reservation must be made in writing to avoid any misunderstanding. If the company receives notice to cancel 30 days or more before the date of departure, a minimum administrative fee of RM100.00 or 10% of the tour deposit (whichever is lower) per person will be levied.
b. If notice of the cancellation is received 29 days or less before the date of departure the following charges will apply:
c. 15 – 29 working days before the date of departure = 50% of deposit
8 – 14 working days before the date of departure = 20% of FULL COST
3 – 7 working days before the date of departure = 40% of FULL COST
2 working days or less before the date of departure = 100% of FULL COST