Earth Lodge ~ Ulu Muda Forest Reserve, Kedah

Trip Description

The 160,000 hectares of Greater Ulu Muda is located along the state's eastern interior border with the Thai province of Yala. Comprising of several forest reserves, Ulu Muda Forest Reserve is by far the largest at 105,000 hectares. The main forest types found at Ulu Muda are the Lowland Dipterocarp Forest, Hill Dipterocarp Forest and the Upper Hill Dipterocarp Forest. The area is known as an important site for large mammals. An important recent find is the discovery of a limestone hill and associated caves of Bukit Labu

Birdlife is especially abundent in Ulu Muda with more than 175 species recorded thus far. Nine of the ten hornbill species are found here including the very rare plain-pouched hornbill (Rhyticeros subruficollis) although it is a matter of time before the missing wrinkled hornbill (Rhyticeros corrugatus) is spotted making it ten of ten. Other notable rare and globally threatened birds found at Ulu Muda are the masked finfoot (Heliopais personata), dusky eagle owl (Bubo coromandus) and Malaysian peacock pheasent (Polyplectron malacense).


Kedah ~ Lake Muda Jetty ~ Sungai Labua ~ jungle lodge

Room Type


Room Description

Earth Lodge is an ecolodge and a field research centre located about 14km in the jungles of Ulu Muda. Visitors have to travel by local sampans (wooden boats) across Muda Lake and up the Muda River before arriving at Kuala Labua (kuala means river mouth in Malay), a scenic site usually reached in one and a half hours. The site is at the confluence of the large Muda River on one side and its tributary Labua River on another. Consisting of seven duplex cabins, fourteen comfortable rooms are available. All with attached bathrooms and a balcony. Other buildings at the site include a kitchen and dinning area. The main aim of Earth Lodge is to increase knowledge of Ulu Muda's natural history and to raise awareness of the conservation value of this important natural treasure. We also intend to manage and run Earth Lodge with the smallest ecological footprint by constantly trying to be more efficient and sustainable and to ensure the surrounding local communities benefit from our operations and tourism at large.

Facilities & Activities

Journey will start at the Muda Jetty of Muda Lake some 150km from Georgetown, Penang. A one and a half hour ride on a traditional long-tailed wooden boat across the lake and up the Muda River will take us to Earth Lodge at Kuala Labua. Some of the activities you will experience include visits to salt licks, overnight at a wildlife hide, swimming and frolicking in cold forest streams, floating down a river, visit to a newly discovered limestone hill and its mysterious caves and watching birds and other wildlife. You can also just laze around the lodge grounds listening to nature's jungle music and being awakened by the call of the White-handed Gibbons. basic mattresses , cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils , Jungle trekking.


Ulu Muda Earth Lodge

(2 pax)
Booking in advance / 12.00 noon

Ask us anything! We’re here to answer any questions you have.
You can also call or Whatsapp:
+6019-442 8926

Packages available

Rooms ~ Traditional Malay room accommodation with 2 single kapok mattresses on a raised platform, and attached bathroom (no hot water). Beddings provided

Dormitory ~ Provided with camp bed, air pillow, sleeping bag and comes with attahed bathrooms (no hot water)


  1. Rooms - Traditional Malay room accomodation with 2 single kapok matresses on a raised platform (all bedding provided) with an attached bathroom.
  2. Dorms - Dormitory accomodation with attached bathroom. Camp bed, sleeping bag and air pillow provided.
  3. Prices inclusive of boat transfers, accomodation, all meals, activities, guides and government entry permits
  4. MyKad holders please contact us for special rates.

Things to Bring with:

* Insect repellant and your personal medication eg antihistamines , longterm medications * Toiletries * A jumper - it can get chilly at night * swimsuit * hat * proper trekking shoes * slippers * Water bottle * Light clothing , towel, sleeping bag, mosquito netting (if you have) , leech socks, gloves, raincoat * Knapsack

When To Visit?

One can visit Ulu Muda anytime in a year. Earth Lodge is always open. It all depends on what you are looking for when visiting this vast rainforest.

Rain Fall

December to March is the dry season. While the rest of Peninsular Malaysia experiences the wet North-east Monsoon, the Ulu Muda area (including the rest of Kedah, Penang and Perlis) enters its driest and coolest period. There is usually less leeches and the deciduous plants of the area will start changing color and eventually shed its leaves in response to the drier conditions. The dry season also see flowers blooming while the cool Northern winds will bring in nice cooler temperatures usually in January.

September to November is usually the wettest time of the year with October traditionally recording the highest rainfall figure for the year. Because of the rain, temperatures are again cool but can be a tad humid. The rain also raises the river water level allowing for easier navigation. Less getting out of boats to push or pull!


The northern birds usually starts their migration South to escape the Northern winter around September and return around March. This is the best time to watch birds as their numbers increases with the arrivals of the Northern migrants. June till September is when the rare Plain-pouched Hornbill Rhyticeros subruficollis are active. Not much is known of their ecology but they can be seen flying in formation of up to 60 birds at dawn when they will be flying North and South at dusk. Ulu Muda is one of only one of two sites in Malaysia where these magnificent hornbills are found and is also home to all 10 species found in Malaysia.

Honey Collection

Natural bee honey is collected from high up the Tualang tree Koompasia excelsa, one of Malaysia’s tallest trees. They can grow up to about 80m in height. Because of its high canopy, honey bees prefer to make their nests here to minimize raids by bears and other honey loving animals.

Human have been taking risks collecting this natural honey for many generations. Usually working on a moonless night, they will scale the tall trees using rickety temporary ladders to reach the bee’s nests sometime numbering up to a hundred nests on one tree! The collection is sustainable as collectors are always careful to leave enough honey intact for the bees and do not disturb the main nest.

The best time to harvest the bee honey is during the flowering season in February.

Sample Itinerary

3 days/2 nights Package*

Day One

Meet Lake Muda Jetty (at noon)

Lunch at the Jetty

Boat ride to Earth Lodge at Kuala Labua (approx. 1 1/2hrs)

Briefing & Introduction


Settle in

Wildlife boat cruise with visit to saltlick (Sira Bongor or Sira Keladi)

Free and easy

Dinner and lights out

Day Two


Trek to Bukit Labu (2 hours hike)

Visit caves at Bukit Labu

Lunch by the river

Trek back to camp


Wildlife boat cruise plus visit to saltlick (Hot Springs)

Free and easy


Day Three


Free and easy


Leave Earth Lodge by Boat (11am)

Back at Lake Muda Jetty

End of trip

*This is a suggested program and is subject to change without prior notice.

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