Siniawan Night Market (weekends only) - Santubong, Sarawak

Siniawan Night Market (every Friday to Sunday from 5pm to 11pm) is known for its delicacies like grilled fish, seafood, chicken chop, crispy pork, BBQ chicken wings, satay, kuih and many more. Others include fruits, vegetables and daily necessities.

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Borneo ~ Sarawak ~ Siniawan ~ Food

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Kuching city

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Siniawan Night Market (Weekends Only)

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A free and easy trip to Siniawan, one of the earliest Chinese settlement located some 25 km from Kuching city. Through the efforts of the local community, a bustling weekend night bazaar draws visitors from surrounding areas and Kuching City to soak in the old world charms whilst sampling delicious local foods. The two rows of antique wooden shophouses decked out with cheerful red lanterns and tables and chairs laid out in the main street packed with colourful people make for a wonderful festive ambience. A great experience for photography enthusiasts, foodies and those after a little nostalgia of a by gone era.

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