Taman Negara 5 Days 4 Nights Full Board Package (Ex Singapore) - Taman Negara, Pahang Malaysia

We advise travellers not to visit Taman Negara during the Monsoon Season between Mid-November and late-January

Trip Description

You'll be off on your adventure with an overnight KTM Train from Woodland, Singapore to Jerantut (Train ticket not included). The train ride will take approximately 8hours to Jerantut and leaves around 6.00pm , arriving almost 2.00am where you will be picked up by the staff from the travel agency


Singapore ~ Peninsular Malaysia ~ Pahang ~ Jerantut ~ Taman Negara ~ Kuala Tahan

Minimum no. of Persons


Place of Departure


Trip Availability

Booking in advance required. We do not advise visits to Taman Negara during the monsoon season sometime November .till mid-February. After all, this gives the jungle a bit of a rest and to repair itself from the trudge of thousands of visitors to the park over the other months.

Accommodation Type

local village lodging ( this is extremely basic and sometimes a little to be desired when it comes to tidiness and cleanliness. If you wish to take a package with this sort of accommodation, then best to bring your own bed sheets etc.)

local village resorts (this sort of accommodation are much better in terms of its upkeep and is relatively comfortable for short stays)

Mutiara Taman Negara Resort (this is the only resort with any kind of a star rating - 3 star at that. It is also the only accommodation that sits on the other side of the riverbank, where all park activities begin. This is the entry into Taman Negara)

Tour Duration

5 Days 4 Nights

Things To Bring Along

Light cotton long sleeve and short sleeve tshirts, shorts and long pants (Whites, greys, browns and earthy coloured clothing to blend into the jungle), swimwear, underwear, long socks, raincoat or poncho, one pair of sandals or flip flops (the cheapest you can buy) for easy walking ; one pair of shoes with good grip(Rubber Slipper or River Sandals or Lace-Up Shoes) for jungle treks.

Creature Comforts ~ towel, toilet paper, soap / facial wash, shampoo, toothbrush / toothpaste

Bag Packing ~ waterproof bag or separate your belongings and bundle them in a few small plastic bags before stuffing all in the master bag; keep important documents, passports, cash, wallets and electronic gadgets in zip-lock bags; garbage bag for waterproofing; a plastic bag for soiled clothes.

  • Straps to secure your glasses - if you wear glasses
  • Goggles - if you wear contact lenses
  • Plastic bags for your wet clothes

Essentials to get you through ~ personal medication, mosquito repellent, sunblock lotion, heat rub for muscles ache, Torchlight, ear plugs or cotton balls (for those who can sleep with the TV blasting and not when its sound of nature that punctuates the night's silence), water bottle, minimum 2 liters capacity. Bring your own sleeping bag or bed sheets if you are fussy about cleanliness.


This is the jungle at it's most pristine. It can get hot and muggy and then there could be a thunderstorm in the next instance. And which ever way, your clothes will take forever to dry. Nights can get a little chilly especially during the rainy season. And when the rains come, leeches are aplenty. The jungle is unforgiving and yet it is so enchanting, it may sometimes leave you breathless. The monsoon season (November - February) may bring a lot of rain and create havoc especially when the river swells and banks burst, leaving people stranded in villages for days even weeks, landslides, mudslides ~ all sorts of nature's catastrophes. Trekking in the jungle in the rain is not the best experience. Quite often, by the end of the trek, you find yourself all bloodied by leech bites. We strongly advise against travel to Taman Negara during the monsoons.


Travelling to Taman Negara is not as difficult as it used to be. There are now many travel operators who provide transfers and packages to taman negara. You , as a traveller, have a choice to travel the cheaper way ie to make all the arrangements on your own eg transport (via public buses/coaches; private transfers; train; boat tickets can be bought at the tembeling jetty) , accommodation(there are numerous local village accommodation to suit your budget), treks (of which a number of them within taman negara can be done on your own) , meals (there are a number of eateries at kuala tahan village) OR go with travel operators for the ease of travel especially for those on a tight time schedule. The operators , be it travel operators, transport, accommodation etc that services the tourism industry here may not have the expertise you may wish for but that's what happens when there's a monopoly and political preference of who the players should be there. And their service is also sometimes compromised more especially so during peak season. It is a shame that this happens, not often, but it does happen and guests come away dissatisfied with their time and money spent there. Most important in travelling, especially for those who are not used to travelling in asia, is patience and empathy. And the end result of what experience you wish to take from a trip like this... the experience should be about celebrating the beauty of nature and all else should fall nicely into place...

5 days 4 nights FullBoard Package at Taman Negara Kuala Tahan (Singapore - Taman Negara - Singapore)

Fan Hostel (Dorm) http://taman-negara-nks.com/index.php/
A/C Hostel (Dorm)
Fan Room or Chalet
A/C Room or Chalet
A/C Standard Room http://taman-negara-nks.com/index.php/packages/det...
A/C Superior Room
A/C Deluxe Room, Deluxe Chalet
A/C Hostel http://taman-negara-nks.com/
A/C Guest House
A/C Chalet
A/C Chalet Suite

Surcharge during 1 July - 15 Sept RM106.00 per room per night on Mutiara Taman Negara Resort all room type except A/C Hostel

Package is Inclusive:

» 6%GST

» 2 nights stay at National Park (Taman Negara)

» 2 nights stay at Hotel Sri Emas for Transit

» 2 Breakfast in National Park (Taman Negara)

» 2 Way Boat transfer Kuala Tembeling Jetty - Kuala Tahan

» 2 Way Bus transfer from Jerantut - Kuala Tembeling Jetty

» Park Entry Permit

» Train ticket back to Singapore, economy class

» FREE T'shirt (Adult) and Cap (Child)


» Camera License rm 5.00 per camera

» Guide & Activities

» Lunch & Dinner

Optional Activities:

» Jungle Trekking and Canopy Walkway with Guide - rm 30.00 per person

» Cave Exploration at Gua Telinga with Guide - rm 40.00 per person

» Rapid Shooting - rm 30.00 per person

» Visit Orang Asli Village with Guide - rm 40.00 per person

» Night Jungle Walk with Guide - rm 20.00 per person

» Night Safari with Guide - rm 30.00 per person

» Lata Berkoh with Guide - rm 240.00 per boat (maximum 4 person)


» Children below 10 years old OFF 25% from the price.


For this package:

»Only additional cost per person per way for daily shuttle bus to one of the destination below:

*Kuala Besut Jetty (Jetty to Perhentian Island) - 70 MYR per person per way

*Cameron Highland - 65 MYR per person per way

*Melaka - 90 MYR per person per way

* large luggages can be stored at Jerantut baggage storage if you do not wish to bring along to Taman Negara. Left luggage service is free.


Air Con Chalet

Air Con Chalet

Air Con Deluxe Room

Air Con Hostel

Air Con Deluxe Room

Air Con Standard Room

Air Con Deluxe Chalet

Air Con Triple Share

Air Con Deluxe Chalet


Day 1


06.00 pm You'll see off on your adventure with an overnight KTM Train from Woodland, Singapore to Jerantut (Train ticket not included)

Day 2


01.46 am On arrival at Jerantut Train Station and you will then be driven with a short distance to Hotel Sri Emas.

07.45 am You will enjoy Breakfast at NKS Cafe and collecting Travel Voucher.

08.30 am Your tour will depart National Park and will be taking NKS Shuttle Coach to Kuala Tembeling Jetty.

09.00 am Upon reaching Kuala Tembeling Jetty, you would be proceed with boat transfer to Kuala Tahan, National Park (Taman Negara) which takes appromately 3 hours.

12.00 pm On arrival in National Park (Taman Negara), check in accommodation..You will have Lunch at the Floating Restaurant. Right after the Lunch, you have some leisure time.

03.00 pm Leaving Kuala Tahan, you will spent time exploring the central of National Park (Taman Negara) on the way to explore the Ear Cave. Please bring alone Touch Light.

07.30 pm This evening you will enjoy a welcome dinner at Floating Restaurant.

08.30 pm Right after the dinner, we will have National Park (Taman Negara)'s video. Next enjoy a Night Jungle Walk and Visit Tahan Hide.

Day 3


08.00 am This morning you will enjoy Breakfast at Floating Restuarant in the fantastic views over the river.

09.00 am Today will be spent exploring Inner Jungle of National Park by having Jungle Trekking to Teresek Hill. Here you will travel through beautiful scenery of Forest and vies Mountain Tahan. Next you will visit and walk to the Longest Hanging Bridge in the world's Canopy Walkway.

01.00 pm We go back to the Floating Restaurant for Lunch.

03.00 pm You will continue to explode 7 Major Rapids and travel alone Sg Trenggan by boat. Today you will visit a couple of Orang Asli Villages. There will be the opprtunity to talk with the villagers and learn about their culture. There are not staged villages, just traditional family settlements who are happy to welcome visitors.

07.30 pm We returning to Floating Restaurant again for Dinner.

Day 4


08.00 am Breakfast will be back to Floating Restaurant.

09.00 am After an early Breakfast, you will enjoy the beautiful river scenery and will be travel to Lata Berkoh region.

01.00 pm Lunch would be back to Floating Restaurant.

02.00 pm Today your journey continue back to Kuala Tembeling Jetty by Boat at least 2 hours.

04.00 pm NKS Shuttle Coach will transfer you from Kuala Tembeling Jetty to Jerantut.

04.30 pm Arrive at Jerantut and be back to Hotel Sri Emas.

06.30 pm Dinner would be in NKS Cafe.

Day 5


01.00 am NKS Shuttle Coach Transfer to Jerantut Train Station

01.57 pm Train back to Woodland Train Station, Singapore (Economy class ticket included)

10.10 am Estimated time of arrival in Singapore

Park Entry Permit and Photographic Licence

Before you do any trek in Taman Negara, you must inssue a Park Entry Permit (RM1 per person) and Photographic Licence (RM5 per camera). This is valid for 1 month. You can inssue the Park Entry Permit at Wildlife Department Office at Kuala Tembeling or Taman Negara.

Why you need a permit

Park Entry Permit RM1 and Photographic Licence RM5 as a donation to the park for renovation the park and other.

When you are leaving the Park, you should return the Park Entry Permit to Wildlife Department Office, Hotel or Tour Counter to make sure you are save and leaving from the park

Learn a little

If you go into the deep jungle, especially by the Keniam, Tenol, or Tahan Mountain trails, it is better to go with guide you will learn a lot about the jungle from the guide and save yourself from getting lost in it.

Fishing in the park

Now the fishing lodge in the park is close and not allow to do any fishing in the park area.

But you can fishing at River Tembeling (A river at the border of the park) and you don't need any fishing license.

Tips Before Go To Taman Negara

1) Before you go to Taman Negara, something must be prepare first.

- Touch light or flash light

- Insect Repellent

- Walking Shoe or Sport Shoe

- Rain coat

(2) Taman Negara does not have ATM, bank, and money changer, you must prepare enough cash before you going. Some resorts accept credit card e.g Mutiara Taman Negara Resort, Rainforest Resort, and Woodland Resort but charge extra 3 - 5 %

(3) Do not bring too many luggages into Taman Negara. Big trolley bags are not advisable because when you come out from the boat, all the river banks are of stone and rock, then you need to hand carry your big trolley bag. If you have a lot of luggage, you are welcome to store your luggage in the luggage storage room at Hotel Sri Emas, Jerantut, It's free.

(4) You can get more information about Taman Negara trail and your next destination information at tour counter located at LBK Floating Restaurant, they know very well.

(5) If you are book the bus ticket with us (NKS Hotel & Travel), you must reconfirm your bus ticket at their office located at LBK Floating Restaurant one day before you leave. For boat ticket just reconfirm 30min before the boat departs.

(6) Leeches on any rainforest walk, the subject of leeches invariably comes up. Actually, you may not encounter any of these slimy little vampires while walking through the Malaysian jungle, but if the trail is leafy and it's been raining, chances are you'll be preyed upon.

(7) Yes, you can hire boots or camping equipment in Taman Negara. Just ask the people around there, they will show you where to hire.

(8) For who like to trek to Gunung Tahan (Mountain Tahan), you can hire a guide from Wildlife Department . Normally November to January is close the trail and reopen on mid of February.