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Paya Indah Wetlands



A sanctuary it really is, for the birds and the bees, and the egrets and the herons, and the eagles with their watchful eyes, and the rainbow coloured dragonflies that flit about zig zagging from leaf to leaf, petal to petal without a care in the world. Here lies their playground, in their wonderful world called Paya Indah Wetland Sanctuary. Their backyard of a multitude of lakes and lotuses and lilies all sparkling and welcoming, safeguarding and feeding them, without ever asking for anything in return.

So don't just sit there and ponder, "What is so INDAH (breathtaking) about a PAYA(swamp)?" Leave your lazy airs and bones at home. Set on a personal expedition to Paya Indah. See for yourself. Be charmed and challenged by the tamed and the untamable. Be watchful, for they would convert you and entice you to return to this idyllic paradise they call home.

Checking In Early

If you are planning to pay these spirited creatures a visit, be sure to attune yourself to their way of life. Adopt their attributes, and rise with the roosters. Be prompt, and arrive early. Time and tide wait for no man, and the birds would certainly not.

Bicycle Station

When you reach here at Paya Indah Wetland, head on straight for the bicycle station. There you will find bicycles suitable for everyone, for all heights and ages. For the kids, there are bicycles with aid rollers to help them balance on their bikes. And for you, who are afraid to lose your partner, ride as a pair on a tandem bike. In Paya Indah, you are a guest, and your hosts have thought of everything for your comfort and convenience.

Birdwatching In The Morning

The first big event of the day begins at 9.30 am. But, it is now only 8.00 am, and you are already here. And what a good thing this is, too. The birds and all their feathered counterparts are frolicking vivaciously out there. These early creatures pay salutation to Mother Nature by springing into life at the same moment the sun elevates itself from the dark horizons. Watch them now, while they are busy with their chores, because very soon in an hour or two, you will find them retreating, away and safe from the punishing heat. So, get your maps out, and push on ahead for the lakes.

There is no better time than now. Be part of the early birds, and capture them on your camera while they are feasting on their first catch of the day. Allow your lungs to indulge in the fresh morning air, and celebrate the breathtaking panorama of the changing colours of the morning sky. Witness the miracle of beauty forming and performing before your eyes. Watch how the dew glistens on the lotuses not a moment too soon before it evaporates and escapes into the fertile morning air. And if you remain really still and quiet, you may be the audience to a family of otter, who will unknowingly entertain you with their daring water aerobics act as they perform their routine morning exercises.

Isn't it a wonderful thing. The day is only just beginning, and Paya Indah has already taken you out of the grueling momentum of the gruesome city.

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