Holiday Packages at Adeline Homestay ~ valid until further notice
(Rates based on per person basis)

Package Category

2 Days 1 Night

3 Days 2 Nights


Twin Sharing


Twin Sharing

Package A
food (1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch and 1 Dinner) and accommodation

RM 199.30 Per Pax

RM 252.30 Per Pax



Package B

Accommodation and Food (1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch and 1 Dinner with BBQ & bamboo soup). Activities: White Water Rafting, Night Walk & Caving. * Intinerary

RM 399.30 Per Pax

RM 452.30 Per Pax



Package C

Accommodation and Food (1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch and 1 Dinner with BBQ & bamboo soup). Activities: Wet Abseiling, Jungle Trekking & Caving.

RM 359.30 Per Pax

RM 412.30 Per Pax



Package D

Accommodation and Food (2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch and 2 Dinner with 1 x BBQ & bamboo soup). Activities: White Water Rafting, Wet Abseiling, Jungle Trekking & Caving.



RM 690.60 Per Pax

RM 796.60 Per Pax

Please Note:

* For those without transport to Adeline's Homestay, take a bus to the Gopeng Bus Station and Adeline's Homestay staff can make a pick up for RM10 per pax for a return

**Please Note that there will be a non-refundable handling charge on payment made. Conditions apply.


Holiday Packages at Adeline Homestay ~ Package B

Day one


Arrive Rumah Rehat Adeline and lunch


Caving in gua kandu



Day two




Jungle trekking to waterfall + Water fall abseiling



Trip Overview

For a back-to-nature weekend with a difference why not try Rumah Rehat Adeline (Adeline's Rest House) at Kampung Geruntum near Sungai ltik, just 7 Km from the Perak town of Gopeng. However, if you like your creature comforts then this may not be for you, but If you enjoy outdoor hobbies and, have an adventurous spirit, then this is a good starting point. The Rest House is set in a spacious plot of five acres containing a number of well established Durian trees.

Within walking distance from the Rest House a sparkling waterfall tumbles its way down an obstacle course of boulders through shady forest. This is also the haunt of White crowned Forktail. Eventually the turbulent river levels off to a more meandering route to create some quieter pools that are safe for bathing.

For those with a keen interest in nature there are some excellent opportunities for pastimes such as photography, bird and butterfly watching, as well as more active outdoor pursuits.

Birdwatchers, for instance, can expect to find species such as Blyth's Hawk-Eagle, Oriental Pied Hornbill, Red-crowned Barbet, Black headed and Stripe-throated Bulbuls, and Rufous tailed Tailorbird, Barn Owl in the nearby oil palm plantation, Great Hornbills and, more recently, a small group of White-crowned Hornbills, judging by his apt description of this species' "punky white hair-do".Butterfly enthusiasts will not be disappointed either. A small hot-spring bubbling to the surface in the plantation just a short drive from the Rest House created a perfect habitat for a colourful gathering of male Rajah Brooke's Birdwing, with a number of other species observed in the plantation and many more near the waterfall. The experienced botanist, as well as those who simply have a layman interest in tropical flora, will find that the nearby forest has plenty to offer, not least of all being the fact that one of the famous Rafflesia species grows here. Obviously, if you are keen to see and photograph one, it will be worth checking with Adeline prior to booking to find out whether there are any in bud or even flowering at that time. She can also organise for a guide to take you to the exact location.

More strenuous activities such as jungle-trekking, white-water rafting on the Kampar River, abseiling, and exploration of the nearby Gua Kandu caves are also available. A qualified guide can be hired for any of these activities at a reasonable fee. Transport can also be organised through Adeline for those wishing to visit the caves.

Outdoor Activities

Min 2 pax


Min 5 pax


White Water Rafting (Sg Kampar)


River Boarding


Wet Abseiling (Geruntum Fall)


Rafflesia Trekking


Caving in GuaKandu


Jungle Trekking - River Crossing


Caving in GuaTempurung


Rajah Brooke Butterfly Colony


Jungle Trekking to Water fall


Body Rafting (SgGeruntum)


Night Walk




Paintball : Target Shooting (100 pellets)


Min 10pax


Paintball (200pellets)


High Rope Course


*all prices are based on per person base, adults and kids will have the same rate as more care are needed for kids..

Hotel/Trip Description

Destination Perak ~ Gopeng ~ Kampung Geruntum ~ Sungai Itik ~ homestay Minimum no. of Persons 2 persons Tour Commences from Adeline's Homestay Room Type The accommodation consists of several traditional style houses, utilising timber, rattan and split bamboo Room Description The entire construction of the huts and surrounding area were carried out by the local Orang Asli, with Adeline supervising the whole procedure. In addition to this is a clean, smooth flowing stream that meanders through the land and houses creating a harmonious, relaxing environment. Accommodation, catering for about 100 people, is dormitory style. Mattresses, pillows, and blankets are provided. There is also ample space in the grounds to provide camping for a further 100 people. Toilets and showers are adjacent to the accommodation and camping ground. There are also hand basins near the dining hall Facility & Activity The hostess is particularly noted for her first-class culinary capabilities, and it is worth staying at her Rumah Rehat for the cuisine alone Things to Bring Checklist Attire ~ Light cotton long sleeve and short sleeve tshirts, shorts and long pants (Whites, greys, browns and earthy coloured clothing to blend into the jungle), swimwear, underwear, long socks, raincoat or poncho, one pair of sandals or flip flops (the cheapest you can buy) for easy walking ; one pair of shoes with good grip(trainers for jogging, tennis, sporty types) for jungle treks . Do not wear tevas or open sandals for trekking (but this is good if you're thinking of rafting and abseiling). This will expose you to leech attacks especially on ground level Creature Comforts ~ towel, toilet paper, soap / facial wash, shampoo, toothbrush / toothpaste, comb, reading material Bag Packing ~ waterproof bag or separate your belongings and bundle them in a few small plastic bags before stuffing all in the master bag; keep important documents, passports, cash, wallets and electronic gadgets in zip-lock bags; garbage bag for waterproofing; a plastic bag for soiled clothes Essentials to get you through ~ personal medication, mosquito repellent, sunblock lotion, heat rub for muscles ache, flashlights, ear plugs or cotton balls (for those who can sleep with the TV blasting and not when its sound of nature that punctuates the night's silence), water bottle, minimum 2 liters capacity Nice to haves ~ camera and batteries, video cameras, bird book, binoculars Survival Kit ~ compass, anti-histamine ointment or pills, rubber bands, sewing kit, plaster, gauze, cotton wool, 1. Carry at least 3 ways to start a fire – Vaseline soaked cotton balls, magnifying glass and cigarette lighter. 2. A small bottle of iodine to disinfect water. Use 1 small drop for every litre. 3. A few zip lock bags for holding water.4. Dental floss (100m). It’s a light and tough string with many uses. 5. Mini flashlight. 6. Heavy duty garbage bag. It makes great raincoat and waterproof shelter. You can also use it to collect rainwater. 7. All purpose knife made of carbon-steel that can throw sparks when struck on granite. 8. A bottle of antibiotic ointment. 9. Some energy bars. 10. A whistle to draw attention