Long Lama ~ Upper Baram, Sarawak Borneo

The next day, we took another speedboat to Long Lama from Marudi. The speedboat trip cost RM20 per person and was scheduled at 4 ½ hrs of travel time. The trip took us through more of the river scenes and, unfortunately, more scenes of destruction. The logging barges weretraversing the river, going into the interior empty and chugging downriver, passing us by , laden with logs taken from the jungles of Sarawak far within. This is a horrifically painful scene to take in especially whence the effect of a few people has on the large communities that live along the Baram river and in its interiors. Long Lama is a little town which survives mainly on barter trading. As the jungle shrinks, the people here find it more difficult to pass their days as the tribes living around that used to trade with the townspeople are finding less produce to trade with.

For those wanting to stay over at Long Lama before embarking into the interiors, there is a small but adequate hotel called Telang Usan Hotel located in a row of shoplots facing the river. From Long Lama, there are 4WDs that can be hired to take travellers into the Ulu Baram interiors. Rates start from RM350 onwards for a 2 hr drive. But be warned that the roads leading out of Long Lama are or were logging tracks and can be a rough ride in some places especially where roads have been washed away by previous flash floods. So be prepared to sit out an arduous, bone shaking truck ride to get to your next destination. But if you’re looking to go to Mulu, then the Marudi – Long Lama boat is not the one to take. Take the one from Marudi to Tutoh. There’s one slight problem with these boats leaving out of Marudi. They are often quite inconsistent. Their schedules can be reliant on the number of passengers and on the river conditions. So be prepared to spare a couple of days waiting, if this situation was to happen.

Getting there

By Air

Fly by Maswings to Marudi from Miri and from here take the express boat upriver to Long lama. The journey from Marudi to Long Lama takes 4hrs

By Boat

From Miri, take a taxi to Kuala Baram jetty . There are daily boats heading to Marudi and costs RM20 - RM25 per person per way (approx 3hrs travel time). At Marudi, take another express boat to Long Lama. This express boat to Long Lama may or may not leave depending on demand and weather conditions. Time taken is 4hrs and fare is also RM20 - RM25 per person per way. A scheduled time is at 10.30am leaving from Marudi.

For more information on the boat schedule, call Tinjar Express at +6 019 8755831 . This expressprovide transport from Marudi to Kuala Baram, Long Lama, Totuh and Tinjar

best time to go

Monsoon season hits Sarawak from October till February. The drier months will be from March till August. The best time to go would definitely be during the Baram Regatta which happens every 3years. The other time would be during the new year festival or the Gawai Festival when most family members will return and the village and longhouse will once again be alive with laughter and chatters