The Dusun - Berembun Forest Reserve, Negri Sembilan Malaysia


This small nature resort began as a simple retreat from the city for our family. In 1984, Helen put an ad in the Malay Mail to purchase a rural lot. Walking through a rubber smallholding in Negeri Sembilan, she looked out to the Mantin hills and fell in love.

All the rubber trees were removed and durian seedlings were planted by Helen, David and their five children. Lovingly developed over the years, the family always referred to their home as the Dusun, or the Orchard. When it became apparent that others love the Dusun as much as they do, Helen and David decided to turn it into a nature resort in 2009. Starting with two houses, the Dusun expanded one house at a time to only five houses. Each house is unique and set apart from the others so guests can enjoy privacy and a sense of space, what this family most enjoys.

The Dusun honours sustainable development in farming and building, which has created a beautiful and healthy environment. The family has a good relationship with the local community. The business only hires from nearby kampungs and shops from small entrepreneurs and other interesting responsible businesses. Activities are designed to raise awareness of Malaysia’s beautiful natural heritage and support local traditions, communities and NGOs.

Life on the Dusun may be surprising to some, but it is designed for those who enjoy fresh air, lush greenery, jungle views, lingering meals with loved ones, peaceful strolls and the wonderfully uncoordinated orchestra of the birds, crickets and frogs.

Negri Sembilan ~ Kampung Kolam Air ~ Berembun Forest Reserve's Edge ~ Nature Lodges

Room Type
6 Houses

Room Description

Berembun House ~ A Malay-style house on stilts, with verandahs on two sides. The large verandah on Berembun House has a big carved bench for lazing and reading plus a small barbecue stove for private dining. It looks out onto the Berembun Forest Reserve. Maximum 2 adults, 1 double bed, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 large deck, 1 barbecue pit, Dog-friendly

House Measurement (includes bathroom, excludes deck):

170 square feet / 52 square meters .

* This house is dog-friendly. We ask for dogs to have their own feeding bowls, beds and litter boxes. We do not allow dogs on the furniture.

Tembusu House ~ The original Dusun house, it is an open concept house so the bedroom enjoys the view of trees and the distant Mantin hills. The bedroom and barbecue deck are on stilts while the kitchen and bathroom are on the ground. It is named after the mature Tembusu tree which shades it throughout the day and fills it with scent during the flowering season.

Maximum 2 adults, 1 double bed, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 deck with barbecue pit

* This house is dog-friendly. We ask for dogs to have their own feeding bowls, beds and litter boxes. We do not allow dogs on the furniture.

Emas House ~ Emas, or golden in Malay, is a traditional Malay house which uses recycled hardwood extensively and incorporates many unique pieces from Helen’s scouring of junk yards. The house is shaded by trees most of the day and its carved panels and shutter windows are designed for coolness. The wood hs a golden hue that is lit by the setting sun. Emas House has a serene view over miles of rolling hills towards the Straits of Malacca. The house is set at the end of a gently sloping path of steps and is very private.

Maximum 5 adults or 4 adults and 2 kids, Bedroom with 1 double bed, Loft with 1 double and 1 single bed, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 barbecue pit, Large living area and deck, Dog-friendly

House Measurements (included bathroom, excludes deck):

800 square feet / 244 square meters

* This house is dog-friendly. We ask for dogs to have their own feeding bowls, beds and litter boxes. We do not allow dogs on the furniture.

Sora House ~ is a modern villa full of light, which looks as if it is about to fly off into the jungle. It is designed by our son and his wife, who are in love with all things Japanese. Sora means “sky” in Japanese, with implications of lightness and flying. Once inside, the white decor and expanse of glass invite in the striking jungle scenery. Sora is 20 meters from the pool, but screened by a garden of bamboo and water plants. Maximum 5 adults or 4 adults and 2 kids, 1 bedroom with 1 double bed, 1 loft with 1 double and 1 single bed, 2 toilets, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 2 decks, 1 plunge pool, 1 DVD player with TV set, 1 bbq pit

House Measurements (included bathroom, excludes deck):

985 square feet / 300 square meters

* This house is not dog-friendly.

Perling House ~ Just 10 meters from the lower pool, with attached baby pool, is Perling House, a double unit with 2 self-contained apartments joined by the outdoor deck. A traditional Malay design with modern touches, the house is named after a bird (the Asian Glossy Starling) that comes in flocks to eat the berries of our palm trees. The houses look out on the jungle and the roar of the river can be heard from them. They can be rented together or separately. 2 units available, Maximum 2 adults/ unit, 1 double bed, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, Deck, Private barbecue

House Measurements (included bathroom, excludes deck):

Perling (Bukit): 243 square feet / 74 square meters

Perling (Air): 275 square feet / 84 square meters

* This house is not dog-friendly.

Facilities & Activities
There are two infinity pools at the Dusun shared by 5 houses so that guests can enjoy a sense of space and privacy. Both pools are surrounded by timber decking and furnished with carved benches and loungers. The pool close to Perling House has a children’s wading pool.

Each house has a kitchen equipped with basic crockery, pots and pans. The spice rack has tumeric, cili powder and coriander powder. Cooking oil, salt, sugar, soy sauce, instant coffee and tea are also available in each kitchen. Guests may purchase fresh ground coffee from the Patio Kitchen.

Each house has it’s own barbecue pan. If you bring your own food, we provide charcoal, wire and light the barbecue for guests for RM20. If you order a barbecue meal from us, a lit barbecue is included.

Breakfast is included in the house rates. A different breakfast each day is served along with fresh fruit, fresh juice, brewed coffee and tea. The main breakfast is usually Malaysian fare; toast and eggs are available for those who prefer a light breakfast.

There is a small (but good) menu that Dusun can cater to guests upon confirmation of bookings. Barbeque and Minangkabau sets are available and need to be ordered in advance.

The patio is shaded by huge Angsana trees and surrounded by lush gardens. Breakfast is served and catered meals are catered for guests here. This kitchen and dining area is strictly halal. Being a perfect place to celebrate and gather, it can accommodate 20 people for a sit down meal, and 40 people for special occasions on arrangement.

one parking lot for each house on resort level.

Lanai is a space for group yoga, meditation, meetings or brainstorms

The Lanai – a secluded space. See nothing but jungle; hear the river tumble. A serene venue for group yoga, meditation, meetings, small weddings or celebrations.

Packages include Lanai, accommodation, meals, tea-time snacks, photography and transport – available for groups and can be customised for each guest. Day trips are also possible.interior-cropped-2

Maximum capacity:
Overnight stay: 18 adults
Day-trip: 40 adults

The fully equipped houses allow guests a great deal of privacy. But daily housekeeping is provided, so don’t hesitate to leave the dishes for us.

Jungle trek to a waterfall (within walking distance)


The jungle guide, Ah Kau, has been a hunter gatherer all his life. He nursed his late wife through 13 home births with plants he collected from the jungle. He complains that his children’s generation do not want to use the jungle medicines any longer; they all go to the clinic.

Ah Kau’s trek now begins at the Dusun. It takes 20 minutes to get to the jungle entrance then an hour to get to the waterfall. He charges RM70 for the first two people and RM20 for each following person. For those more adventurous, the Ah Kau can do a longer trek that would take about 6 hours. The cost of that would be RM100 per person. You will need shoes with good grip and socks. There are leeches during the rainy season, they are relatively easy to pull off. This is a real trek, not a walk in the park. It is only recommended for those between 8 years and 65 years.

Photography: Portraits and Workshops (within walking distance)

Our neighbour, Nikt Wong, is a renowned and seasoned photographer. Combine his keen skill and calm nature with the rich array of photographic opportunities at the nearby Berembun forest reserve and village – these portraits and workshops are an interesting way to catalogue beautiful relationships and experience the surrounding area and species.

We’re happy to make an appointment for you. Please do so at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment.

Bird discovery walk (within walking distance)

Birds easily blend into the background. But once you’re learn how to watch for them, the fascinating colours, sounds and behaviour of all the different types of birds will delight you.

The Bird Walk guides, Angela and Rafi Kudus are our neighbours who have been avid bird watchers for over 30 years. Rafi is the Chairman of the Bird Conservation Council of the Malaysian Nature Society. They are not only passionate and knowledgeable about birds, they are also great company. They have identified over 300 species of birds around the Dusun including 5 different hornbills. This is an easy 2-hour walk with lots of stops on mostly tarred roads. It costs RM50 per person, all proceeds go to the Bird Conservation Council.

**Please note that the guides are retired volunteers and are not always available.


A Malay traditional massage costs RM180 for 1 hours in your own house. Men are massaged by the male masseur and women by the female masseur

Deer Park

Four little deer have an enclosure just below Emas House. Daily feeding is around 5pm if you’d like to join us.

*half-day trip

Ostrich Farm

Just a 10 minute drive away is an ostrich farm where ostriches, flamingos and deer are within enclosures. This would be interesting for small children.

Sri Menanti Museum

This beautiful old palace was home to the Negri royal family between 1908 and 1931. A four-storey wooden building was created with the finest traditional craftsmanship. The museum showcases royal functions and snippets of history. If you’re interested in Negeri culture and architecture, this Museum will be a treat, although you do have to dig a little for information. It is a 40 minute car ride. A taxi can be arranged.

Wet Market


For those who do not live in Malaysia, the wet market is a must visit. Especially early in the morning, the market represents the very pulse of this small city, Seremban, and a real encounter with Malaysia’s colourful, odiferous and loud personality. Most stalls are manned by independent grocers/growers, and produce is as fresh as it can be – the catfish wriggle around in your bag! Do bring your own shopping bags, or you will get plastic bags within plastic bags for every item. There is a food court upstairs with authentic stall food, including the famous Seremban beef noodles. There is also some batik and clothes to be found upstairs. A taxi can be arranged.

*day trips


The historic city Melaka is full of pretty cafes, great museums, delicious Nyonya food, and souvenirs. Just an hour and a bit away, you could spend the day exploring the many interesting and delicious parts of this UNESCO heritage city. A taxi can be arranged. Buses are also available from Seremban to Melaka.

organic fruits and vegetable are available for sale in season

The Dusun House Rates - valid till 31st December 2017 (Based on per house per night)

House 1 night 3 nights 5 nights Couple Rate 1 night 3 nights 5 nights Couple Rate
Max 5 adults OR 4 adults + 2 kids
RM954 RM2,432 RM3,816 RM636/ night
(book 3 days before stay date)
RM1,166 RM1,982 RM2,798 RM742/ night
(book 3 days before stay date)
Max 5 adults OR 4 adults + 2 kids
RM954 RM2,432 RM3,816 RM636/ night
(book 3 days before stay date)
RM1,166 RM1,982 RM2,798 RM742/ night
(book 3 days before stay date)
Max 2 adults
RM530 RM1,352 RM2,120 RM689 RM1,171 RM1,654
Max 2 adults + (1 child)
2 Units Available
RM424 RM1,081 RM1,696 RM636 RM1,081 RM1,526
Max 2 adults + 1 child
RM424 RM1,081 RM1,696 RM636 RM1,081 RM1,526

6% GST is included in all accommodation. Rates include breakfast.

Please Note:

December 1 – January 1 (Peak Season)

Weekend rates apply.

Discounts only apply to 3 night stays or more. Minimum 2 night stay required.

Public Holidays

Weekend rates apply on public holidays and the Eve of public holidays. 2 night minimum stay may be set for some holidays in the booking system. Holiday rates for Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Holidays apply for the entire week of the festival and are set in the booking system.


Aged 12 or younger.

Weekend bookings

Minimum 2 night booking required if you book in advance (more than 2 weeks before the stay date). Houses are released for 1 night bookings 2 weeks before the stay date if they are available.

Couple Rates

Special Rates available for last minute bookings for Emas or Sora (3 days before the stay date) Please mention “couple rate” in your booking enquiry. This rate only applies for two adults and no children.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations before 14 days of the booked date can be changed to another date at no cost.

Cancellations 14 days or less before the booked date will be charge 50% of one night stay.

Cancellations within 48 hours of booked date will be charged one night stay.

Cancellations within 24 hours of booked date will be charged the entire booking and considered a no show.


How do I get there if I’m not driving?

Recommended public transport:

From Kuala Lumpur: KTM Kommuter from KL Sentral to Seremban.

From Singapore: Fly to KLIA or KLIA2 or Bus from Singapore to Seremban.

All about Taxis:

We have a trusted taxi driver who speaks English (based on availability). We recommend letting us book the taxi for you.

We have had guests arrange their own taxi with no problems. However some taxis get lost and others don’t want to drive up our hill. We don’t take commissions from are drivers but want you to have a good arrival experience.

Taxi Prices:

Seremban – the Dusun one way: RM40

Airport – the Dusun one way: RM160 for 2 people with small luggage. Larger groups with more bags may enquire with our taxi driver or with us on the price.

Kuala Lumpur – the Dusun: RM200 depending on where in KL.

Are there mosquitoes there?

Mosquitoes are part of nature; they do exist here. We provide vapemats near the beds; fans and the wind will protect you at night.

We are careful that there is no standing water in drains, and we rear fish in all our water pots to eat mosquito larvae. However, when you are walking around the orchard it is advisable to use spray-on repellant.

How do I book the jungle guide?

It’s best to take the trek in the morning after breakfast to avoid rain. You may book the guide when you arrive.

Do I have to bring charcoal and wire for the barbecue?

No you don’t. But if you bring your own food, we charge RM20 for charcoal, wire, fire-starter and the service of lighting the barbecue. If you order food from us, the lit barbecue and wire is included.

Can I add extra mattresses and have more people if I pay extra?

No. Our concept promises space, privacy and peace. This is something guests will not enjoy if houses are filled over capacity. Maximum numbers are non-negotiable for everyone’s comfort.

Why can’t I book a 1 night stay much earlier?

We only take one night weekend bookings 2 weeks before the date in question. For example, if you’d like to stay on Saturday, January 14th, you would only be able to make that booking on January 1 or later.

We try to prioritize longer stays on the weekends. We feel these guests have a more relaxed experience of the Dusun.

Can I do a company trip to the Dusun?

Yes, we cater for small events. 18 adults overnight or 40 for day guests. Please find out more here.

Can I throw a party?

You’re most welcome to celebrate a special occasion at the Dusun. However, most of our guests are here for the peace and quiet. We do not tolerate parties or behavior that disturbs other guests. We have the right to vacate rowdy guests without compensation.

The sounds of nature are serene and a rarity in the modern world, we try our best to preserve them here, we hope you will too.

Do I need a 4-wheel drive to get to the Dusun?

We are located on a hill to enjoy great views. We have had all types of cars come up here, from Kancils to Porsches. Just drive on the lowest gear when going up and down. When going up, you need a little momentum; when going down drive slowly.

There are 2 entrances to the Dusun. The one to the main resort is steeper; the one to Perling House is easier. Any guest is welcome to park at Perling House.

Do you have Wifi?

We do not have wifi in our guest houses or common area. If you have a specific need, we are happy to lend you a modem for a short time.

Is there mobile phone service there?

Yes, we do receive mobile service except in Perling House sometimes. Some devices can receive Edge and sometimes 3G.

What do you mean by self-catering?

Once you arrive and are shown to your house, we pretty much leave you alone. Staff clean occupied houses in the morning and send meals if you have ordered them. We do not have 24-hour reception. We have staff on duty from 8am to 7pm. If you need anything please make your request before 7pm. However, the owners are available to attend to emergencies at night.

Is the Dusun dog-friendly?

Yes. Berembun House, Tembusu House and Emas Houses are dog-friendly because they have large decks within the houses and have dog gates. A maximum of 2 dogs are allowed per house. Dogs:

are not allowed in the pools.

are not allowed on any furniture.

need their own feeding bowls and beds from home.

should be on leashes when not in their houses.

should not poop on the paths. If they do, owner need to clean up after them.

trained to guard or that bark at people a lot are not allowed.

should not get close to Muslim guests.

Please respect these guidelines and be sensitive to other guests who are not dog-friendly so we can continue to host dogs.

Can I bring friends who are not staying the night?

We do not allow day guests. Extra people can overwhelm our facilities and other guests.

Is the Dusun wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately, no. We are on a hill and there are many steps between all the different areas.

Is the Dusun suitable for children?

Many children have enjoyed the Dusun. It is a different experience from the city as they can peer at fish and tadpoles, watch frogs hop around and look out for birds in the trees. We have a playground, a kid’s pool, a high chair and a baby cot available for guests. We also have a little deer park where children can help feed the deer. We recommend bringing mosquito repellant cream for children.

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