3 Days 2 Nights Camping & Trekking at Endau Rompin National Park ~ Kampung Peta Entrance, Johor

Trip Description


Endau Rompin National Park caters to visitors who want to experience the jungle in its natural form. the chalets are basic and simple, the food is simple and cooked by the local native community for guests. For a little bit more personal comfort , you may have to bring with you mosquito netting (travel type) - the jungle is rich in all kinds of flora and fauna; and insects + other not so adorable creatures are a part of that habitat - which means that if you are not too keen on sharing your space with them, best to keep them away from your sleeping quarters ; your own bed sheets or sleeping bags ; snacks in case you get hungry whilst trekking or in the middle of the night as there are no convenience stores around ; slippers ; own medication ; insect repellant ; swim clothes ; leech socks if you have ; toiletries ; towel ; toilet roll ; and light clothing with 1 sweater in case it gets cold at night ; water bottle ; trekking shoes ; rain poncho . Any other valuable personal items should be kept in a small day pack with you when you leave your campsite or chalet and at any time The beauty of parks such as Endau Rompin is that it is in its natural state and is best kept this way. This is the reason why this park has no resort nor chefs. It is for visitors who value the experience of the jungle in its truest form.


Johor ~ Endau Rompin National Park ~ Kampung Peta Entrance ~ camping or rangers chalets

No of Pax

Minimum No. of Persons 1

Camping Description

camping ground with public wash area or basic wooden chalets at the rangers area

Facilities & Activities

There are 2 official entrances into Endau Rompin National Park now: Through Kampung Peta and through Selai. Both entraces offer similar facilities ie camping and basic ranger chalet lodgings, lots of trekking and swimming in clean , clear rivers with an occassional strenuous trek to the waterfalls. Kampung Peta is the more popular choice due to its proximity to Singapore and its reputation. Selai was open only in 2003 and remains less visited

What to Bring

Water bottle, rucksack, torchlight, sleeping bag, raincoat or poncho, walking shoe, hat, sandals, swimwear, towel, shirts, pants, shorts, socks, insect repellent, sun lotion, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, personal toiletries, etc.

Suggested Things to Bring :

Sleeping Bag, 1 pair of long pants, 1 pair of short, Walking shoes /or adidas , kampung/sandal/slippers, Comfortable back pack, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 Medium / small towel, Water bottle, 2 T-shirts, Bathing suit, Torchlight, Insect repellent, Own first aid kit

Information Requirement (for permit & Insurance use)

Full Name, Age, Nationality, Address, Gender, Identity Card or Passport No, D.O.B.

Endau Rompin CAMPING Package ~ valid from 25th February till 15th November 2017
(Rates per package per person)

No of Persons 2 Days 1 Night (RM) 3 Days 2 Nights (RM) 4 Days 3 Nights (RM)
1 person 1435 1675 1887
2 - 5 persons 861 996 1113
6 - 9 persons 477 573 678
10 - 19 persons 414 498 583
20 - 30 persons 371 477 562

Package Includes :

  • Return transport from Kluang/Kahang - Kg. Peta
  • Boat ride from Kg Peta to Pacau
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • Entrance fee, park insurance, local guide fee
  • Camping equipment, campsite with tent & sleeping mat
  • Activities at Kampung Peta
  • 6%GST

**Please Note that there will be a non-refundable handling charge on payment made. Conditions apply.

Itinerary :

3D2N Endau Rompin CAMPING Package - Stay at Kuala Jasin

Day 1

10.00am meet guide at the bus station /Railway Station at kluang, depart from kluang to Endau Rompin National Park.

12:30am lunch at Kampung Peta.. After lunch..

01:30pm Go By boat up Endau river to Kuala jasin..

02:30pm trek to Kuala marong campside.. Along the journey.. The guide will educate on the medicinal plants found within the area.

03:30pm reach at Kuala marong campside and set up tent

04:00pm tea time.

04:30pm trek to blue lagoon.. Swimming in clean and clear water..

07:30pm dinner time

08:00pm nightwalk

10:00pm sleep

Day 2

07:00am breakfast..

08:00am trek to buaya sangkut waterfall.. it takes about 3 or 4hours walk.. Up down hill.. It depends on your speed..

12.00pm reach buaya sangkut waterfull...( Lunch)

01:00pm swimming..

02:00pm depart from buaya sangkut waterfall to kuala marong campsite..

05.00pm reach at Kuala marong campsite .(.tea time)

07:30pm dinner

08:00pm story by the guide about jungle story and orang asli story

10:00am sleep...

Day 3

07:00am breakfast.

08:00 trek to Upih guling waterfull.. Swimming at the upih guling...

10:00am back to Kuala marong...

11:00am packing.. Time..

12:00am lunch..

12:30am trek to Kuala jasin.. 01:30pm go down river by boat to Kampung Peta..

02:30 demonstration of Blowpipe and animals trap

03:00pm depart from kampung Peta to bus station or Railway Station Kluang


for an easier trek

Day 1

09.00am meet guide at kluang bus station..

Depart from kluang to Endau rompin National Park

12:00am reach Kampung Peta... Lunch

01:00pm go to the jetty.. Up river by boat to Kuala jasin campside...

02:00pm set up tent.

02:30pm climb to the janing barat .. What we can see at the janing barat pitcher plant .. Ant plant and tiger footprints (if lucky)

04:00 walk back to Kuala Jasin campside...

05:00pm tea time...

06:00pm free activities

07:30pm dinner

08:00pm nightwalk

10:00pm sleep

Days 2

08:00am breakfast..

08:30 trek to Kuala marong.. It takes about 1hour.. And along the journey the will show you medicinal plant and maybe can see wild animal

10:00pm reach at Kuala marong..campside.

10:30am walk to Upih Guling waterfull...

11:00am reach at Upih Guling waterfull... Swimming at the Upih Guling

12:00am lunch ( packed lunch )

12:30am trak to blue lagoon ( tasik air biru)

01:00pm swimming with fish at blue lagoon.. Can take time.. How long you can swimming there

02:30pm walk back to campside Kuala jasin..

03:30pm tea time

04:00pm cooking chicken in the bamboo..

06:00pm free activity

07:30pm dinner

08:00pm nightwalk

10:00pm sleep

Days 3

08:00am breakfast

08:30am packing..

09:00am go to the jetty

09:30am back to kampung Peta by boat down Endau river..

10:30am reach at kampung Peta..

11:00am Demonstrate trap and blowpipe.. Lunch..

12:00am depart from kampung Peta to kluang bus station