Penang National Park Guided Nature Trek Day Trip ~ Pulau Pinang Malaysia

Penang National Park is currently the smallest national park in the world, spanning 2,562 ha (1,181 ha on land and 1,381 ha in the marine zone) awaits scientists, researchers and nature lovers to explore its myriad of natural treasures. The park which is located in the north western corner of Penang Island is the only rainforest in Malaysia which is relatively leech free ! except at few remoter areas of the park. Previously known as Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve, it was gazetted as a National Park in April 2003. The park is unique as it contains several different types of habitat including a meromictic lake; forests of hill/lowland dipterocarp, peatswamp, mangrove; sea with coral reefs and turtle nesting beaches.

Trip Description

Point of Departure

Hotel / Balik Pulau / Hotel -pick-up & drop-off are limited to hotel's on Penang Island only. advance booking required

Pick up Time


Total Duration of Trip

5.5 hours

Things To Bring

* hat/cap * drinking water * sunglasses * sun block * insect repellent * binoculars (for bird watching) * swimwear (optional) * raincoat/poncho * a day pack with small bath towel and spare change of clothing * camera (optional) * a pair of slippers (optional)

What To Wear

Please wear comfortable walking shoes/sandals; preferably light cotton T-shirt & shorts/longs (do not wear jeans as they are too warm for the climate and get very heavy when wet)

Penang National Park Guided Nature Trek

For more information on rates:

Package includes:

* guide fee * packed lunch * english / malay / chinese speaking guide * hotel transfer to & fro (batu feringghi or George Town area)

Please Note:

* Child age will be 6 years and above

Disclaimer * Important:

Participants must be without any major health problem eg asthma, heart or lung diseases.

Tour Conditions

Every person participating in the tour organized by the Company is regarded in every respect as carrying his or her risk regarding loss or injury to person or property. The company accepts no responsibility for losses or expenses incurred due to delay, sickness, weather, strikes, war or other causes. Such losses and expenses shall be the responsibility of the traveller.
We advise you to wait at least 5 minutes before the stated pick-up time..


Guided Nature Tour to Penang National Park ~ ( national park entrance; duration : 5.5 hours; by boat one way)


Meet at hotel lobby


Or for self drive, meet at Penang National Park Headquarter, Teluk Bahang


Depart by boat from Teluk Bahang fishing village. The 1st point of PNP is Teluk Tukun which habitat is lowland mangrove swamp, Sungei Tukun flows into Teluk Tukun and there are several small men-made swimming pools and the park information centre will be built here. Tanjung Aling, the next point, houses USM Research Station on marine and coastal studies. The forest bed in the station is used for botany and other research on forest.

Next is Teluk Duyung (also commonly known as Monkey Beach), a broad bay protected by the Muka Head cape. It is the most popular beach among tourists. On Muka Head’s peak stands a majestic lighthouse built in 1883. A burial ground of at least 80 years old resembles that of Indonesian Acheh and is an interesting historical artefact. The lighthouse peak offers a panoramic view of the surrounding islands. After rounding the north western cape of the island we shall come to a small isolated west facing beach known as Teluk Ketapang, the name is derived from the numerous sea almond trees known locally as pokok ketapang.


Arrive at the star attraction of PNP – Pantai Kerachut. It has a beautiful white sandy beach popular for picnic and camping and it is also where the unique seasonal meromictic lake is located. You can inspect several species of meromictic flora and fauna which thrive well in the changing condition of lake/mudflat. The sandy stretch is also the nesting place of the Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) & Olive-Ridley Turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea). You can visit the turtle sanctuary, gaze at the majestic flight of white bellied sea eagles around coastal forests. There are toilet/bathroom, conference &camping facilities at the beach

The meromictic lake "appears and disappears' depending on the tidal winds and conditions of the sea. From somewhere November till late May, the lake condition will resemble mud flats and is dry throughout those months. Then the wind conditions start to shift in June right through till October when the sea pushes into the Kerachut bay and seeps into the mudflat area, creating a beautiful lake of mixed sea water and water draining down from the forests surrounding it.


You shall head to the forested area along the peat swamp jungle trail and take a cool dip in the natural spas at one of the freshwater streams and also have your picnic lunch there


Start trekking from Pantai Kerachut to Pasir Pandak, it is about 2 hours of leisure walking on undulating terrain. Along the trail you will be able to enjoy clean cool streams, an array of flora and fauna dominated by lowland dipterocarps, commercial and medicinal species of plants, ferns, palms, pitcher plants, climbers, fungi and many resident & migratory birds, monkeys, squirrels, occasionally you will be able to spot the rare spiny hill tortoises, river terrapins, etc.


Arrive at Penang National Park entrance

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